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Google offers a new example of how its A.I. research is improving search results

Google says it's reached a new milestone in understanding search queries.

The announcement comes as the company goes after more predictive search results while it tries to make its products more conversational and useful, which would keep people engaged longer.

The company has market share of more than 90% in many markets, and search is a critical driver of the advertising that makes up more than 80% of Google parent company Alphabet's total revenues.

BERT models can consider the full context of a word by looking at the words that come before and after it, which can help the company understand the "intent"

TPUs are typically used by applications that use artificial intelligence to do things like recognize words people are saying in audio recordings, spot objects in photos and videos, and pick up underlying emotions in written text. and Google store boost consumer electronics retailers' monthly traffic

(Bloomberg)—Google is injecting its search engine with new technology to better interpret the billions of web queries it handles every day, a change top executives described as one of the most significant in the company’s history.

It now shows more results from its own services for some queries, such as flight information, or pulls out blocks of texts from websites into what it calls “featured snippets.” Rivals have complained furiously to regulators that Google’s actions are anticompetitive.

The Google executives said the new system had produced more featured snippets in results outside the U.S. They insist that Google isn’t pulling eyeballs away from others, but that improvements to search results drive more searches and overall web traffic.

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