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What motivated three young Britons to join the deadly fight against ISIS in Syria?

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Israeli Court Demands Two New Zealand Activists Pay $18K For Urging Boycott Of Lorde Concert

You’ve heard many nice things about this man and have no way of knowing if this is true, but after thinking over your situation for a long time, you call the man and politely rain check.

Pop-sensation Lorde found herself in a similar position earlier this year when, after receiving massive amounts of criticism for planning a concert in Tel Aviv including a letter from two New Zealand activists imploring her not to play the concert, she decided to cancel.

Now, the Jerusalem Post reports, an Israeli judge has ruled that those activists, a Jewish New Zealander named Justine Sachs and a Palestinian New Zealander named Nadia Abu-Shanab, must pay $18,000 to three Israeli teenage girls whose “artistic welfare,” according to the lawsuit, suffered when they were not able to see Lorde play.

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