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AI Scientist Ben Goertzel Explains the Singularity to Joe Rogan

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1211:

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A.I. Artificial Intelligence - the significance of Teddy (film analysis)

One example of how the Spielberg / Kubrick collaboration A.I is far deeper and far more intelligent than the film has been given credit. Full 147 page analysis of ...

Machines playing God: How A.I. will overcome humans | Max Tegmark

AI needs thousands of pictures in order to correctly identify a dog from a cat, whereas human babies and toddlers only need to see each animal once to know ...

Was bitcoin created by an artificial intelligence to rule the world?

I made this video because I think there might by a possibility that a rogue AI has managed to trick us by creating bitcoin in order to rule the world. On the 3rd of ...

AI: What's Working, What's Not

It's the golden age of artificial intelligence (AI), a.k.a. machine learning, deep learning, and other distributed computing. But like every golden age, there's a gold ...

Sardonicast #22: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, A. I. Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence and Religion - Dr Yaqub Chaudhary

Dr Yaqub Chaudry, Templeton Research Fellow at CMC, delivers a lecture on Artificial Intelligence at the CMC Retreat 2018 . . Continue to support CMC ...