AI News, GM To Hold Investor Meeting To Discuss Its Self-Driving Car Future

GM To Hold Investor Meeting To Discuss Its Self-Driving Car Future

GM recently bolstered its self-driving car program with the acquisition of a LIDAR company and it recently said will seek other companies and businesses for purchase as well.

The wholly owned GM company rolled out its third-generation self-driving car recently and it previously said it wants to put the public in its self-driving cars sooner rather than later.

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Google, Detroit Diverge On Road Map For Self-driving Cars

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Meeting of GM to discuss the introduction of the driverless car

Assignment of Business management in the digital world.

GM racing to get gas-free vehicles on the road

Company promises at least 20 new electric models within 6 years.

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Yangfeng Automotive Interiors XiM17 Autonomous Vehicle

With four modes - Driving, Family, Meeting, and Lounge - the XiM17 concept from Yanfeng Automotive Interiors offers new consumer experiences for future autonomous vehicles. SUPPORT:

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(6 Mar 2017) Volkswagen's CEO welcomed the announcement by General Motors that it will sell its unprofitable European car business to the French maker of Peugeot. Matthias Mueller said on...

GM's Loan Business Helping Company's Bottom Line

CEO Mary Barra spoke at the Detroit Auto Show on Tuesday, saying strong sales in U.S. and China, and growth from other business units will help the company sustain profit through 2018. (Jan....