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Report: 100 Years to Gain Gender Parity

There have been countless studies on the topic, but none have painted as stark a picture as the latest report from the World Economic Forum.

What’s sobering about that statistic is the possible reality that most adults living now will not see a time when men and women are completely equal.

She says: “Gender parity is a statistical measure that compares a particular indicator among women, like average income, to the same indicator among men.”

Measuring parity based on gender allows for researchers to track changes over time and is a good indicator of whether or not there has been progress in any given area.

What Diversity Looks Like in the Workplace The report goes on to say: “To address these deficiencies, workforce strategies must ensure that women are better equipped (in terms of improved skills or reskilling) to deal with the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Companies should continue to look at ways they can impact gender parity issues within their organizations be it in pay, leadership or workforce make-up just to name a few.

Making these changes can help put the company on a positive track and can continue to moving the world closer to a more gender equal society.

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