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AI Week Recap: Nonprofits Using Artificial Intelligence

There’s a lot of hype around AI in the news today, and while you may have heard bad news or science fiction, there is some good news, too: Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are tools you can use to advance your nonprofit’s mission.

Their work empowers women, creates jobs, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming, with their work offsetting 1.4 million tons of carbon, saving 7 million trees, and changing the lives of 800,000 people.

Now, using an AI vision tool implemented by Mogli Technologies, Proyecto Mirador technicians can get near-instant quality control feedback on their chimney installations via Mogli SMS for text messaging.

Einstein Vision helps Proyecto Mirador train more cookstove technicians in order to reduce training time and implement efficient quality control to manage 2,000 stove installations a month.

College Forward is powered by CoPilot, a student information system custom built on the Salesforce platform that uses predictive analytics to empower the college success industry to create sophisticated, proactive coaching services to first-generation college attendees.

After a simple four-step process — using clicks, not code — the AI tool sifted through the nonprofit’s rich six-year trove of student data and generated a valuable new data point for College Forward counselors: a risk score assessing each student’s likelihood of dropping out of college.

“For the first time ever,” said Austin Buchan, their CEO, “our coaches could rapidly identify on a day-to-day basis which students were in most need of their support.” By using the latest predictive analytics technology, College Forward is accelerating their work to build and share effective solutions for practitioners across the nation and to shed light on the importance of leveling the academic playing field for millions of first-generation, low-income students.

ADFEST 2019: A Recap of The First Day of ADFEST in Photos, Tweets and LOTUS Finalists

The much-anticipated return of Asia’s biggest celebration of creativity held in Pattaya, Thailand has begun with as much vibrant excitement and exuberance buzzing in the atmosphere that you can imagine for an event full of creative people.

The creativity festivities opened aptly with an exhibition of the works from the various LOTUS categories in the ADFEST awards, together with TMRRW BIZ SCHOOL, creative business school designed to educate and inspire marketers to think creativity by building their careers for the future. 

The talks fstarted off with the recognition of the some of the best work from all around the world, according to the WARC Creative 100 report, presented by WARC Asia Pacific Managing Director Ed Pank who rounded up the notable trends among these stellar works and revealed insights from the world’s most creative agencies and brands. 

Richard Danzig, former Secretary of the Navy Avril Haines, former Deputy National Security AdvisorJim Miller, former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Robert Work, former Deputy Secretary of Defense Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Senior Fellows joined the school for a discussion on their co-authored paper “A Preface to Strategy: The Foundations of American National Security” that describes how a new global strategic environment should change premises that underpin American strategies and argues for the constant, energetic, and imaginative enhancement of the strengths from which American power derives.

Danzig noted that decision makers began to look at four domains of warfare – the air, sea, undersea and land and military conflict as the core of national security.

The new premises that would underpin a national strategy need to recognize the critical strengths of the US that include America’s values, the settled system of governments and human capital, among others, she said.

Secure all your apps, users, and devices

Dynamic Marketplaces, Guest Speakers Among Highlights from RSA Conference2019 RSA Conference is one of the biggest and most important cybersecurity events of the year, and an opportunity for industry experts to meet and shape trends that will influence the future.

growth and application of artificial intelligence and machine learning were major trending topics throughout the conference, which coincided perfectly with our recent study on Dynamic Marketplaces.

huge shout out to our partners from ICSynergy, Saviynt, Exabeam, Yubico, BeyondTrust and Port53 Technologies, who shared outstanding presentations from our booth theater highlighting some of the key issues and areas of growth in the cybersecurity industry.

For example, just 31 percent of Facebook and Apple employees are women, according to a recent report, and the overwhelming majority of computer science college graduates are white.

OneLogin’s Chief Security Officer, Justin Calmus, joined a panel discussion held at the Museum of the African Diaspora alongside other industry leaders, including Elevate Security co-founder Masha Sedova, MKACyber founder and CEO Mischel Kwon, Cisco application security manager Amanda Honea-Frias and moderator Aric Perminter, the president of the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP).

Together, they shared vital observations and actionable strategies for fixing the problem with diversity and inclusion in the cybersecurity industry, such as creating conversations, fostering psychological safety, correcting behaviors and giving employees the power to break downwalls.

question, the success of this important event was due to our amazing team, who worked on-location and behind the scenes to make OneLogin a great destination for visitors (honorable mention goes to the strawberry smoothies, of course!).

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