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Financial Aid

MIT meets the full financial need of every undergraduate for all four years of their undergraduate education. Student Financial Services (SFS) awards aid based on the financial need of each student, as determined by information provided by the family on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS Profile.

Students choose term-time work and/or loan eligibility to meet their student contribution, which is the amount that students are expected to contribute themselves.

If students choose term-time work to help meet their student contribution, they are free to seek out and apply for any job they are interested in and are encouraged to arrange work that is suitable to their own talents and schedules.

The SFS website has a student job board that lists current openings for students seeking part-time jobs during the term or full-time summer jobs.

All students who are thinking of attending MIT are urged to explore all areas of financial assistance, including government and private financial aid programs.

What documents are required, and when financial aid applications are due, depends on whether you are a prospective student applying for admission, or are a returning student.

Students are also encouraged to seek aid from sources other than MIT. International students should make all arrangements for their financial obligations to MIT for their entire stay in the United States before leaving their home country.

Learn more about applying for financial aid as an international student.  Enrolled students receiving financial aid are required to reapply each year for continued financial aid in the following year.

student's eligibility for an MIT Scholarship ends when the student receives an initial degree, or after the equivalent of eight attempted or completed terms, whichever occurs first.

MIT will not: However, to qualify for the above provision, veteran students may be required to: Veteran students are responsible for charges above and beyond those covered by their VA benefits.