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Nanjing NEXT Summit: Artificial vs Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is on the brink of disrupting business as we know it.

While it brings enormous benefits in reducing costs, time, risks and uncertainties, it will also change the workforce of the future and could lead to social and economic disruptions.

About Nanjing NEXT Join the AmCham Shanghai Nanjing Center for Nanjing NEXT, a summit that aims to provide executives with a 24 month view into what's NEXT for multinationals doing business in China as they face the business realities of the 'New Normal'.

European Chamber High Level Conference Held in Nanjing, Closing Deals on Seven International Cooperation Projects | Nanjing Tech Week

On June 25, the European Chamber High Level Conference took place in Nanjing.

The theme of the Conference is “Global Innovation, International City” and four forums will be held during the event.

seven international cooperation projects were officially signed, including

and practical technological achievements in new energy, artificial intelligence,

2019 Nanjing Tech Week EUCCC High Level Innovation Fair Conference

The event will cover 40.000 sqm, 16 Industry specific conferences, world famous SLUSH Conference (celebrated for the first time ever outside of Shanghai), a pitching and matching programme for innovative corporates, SME's and startups.  About EUCCC High Level Innovation Fair Conference  The 1st Innovation Fair in Nanjing was Jiangsu’s announcement to the world that Jiangsu is a major international technology and innovation hub.

The Deputy Director General of the Department of Science and Technology of Jiangsu delivered the opening remarks, alongside Dr Laurent Bochereau, Minister Counsellor, Head of Science, Technology and Environment, EU Delegation to China, where both sides highlighted their commitment and support to innovation ecosystems. Following the fair’s participants positive feedback and high visitor turnout Innovation Fair will be held again next year and carried out on a yearly basis.  This year, the innovation fair is incorporated as part of Nanjing Tech Week with strong support from Nanjing Government.

•           南京市建邺区区长李晖介绍建邺投资环境 •           建邺区委副书记李方毅与德国斯图加特展览副总裁班·穆勒为斯图加特国际技术转移中心揭牌 •           Jianye District sign technology and innovation MOU with Leichtbau BW Gmbh •           建邺区副区长王国平与德国巴符州轻量化局副总裁签署科技创新合作备忘录 •           Jianye District root Trip implementation results, signed international Enterprises and Jianye Enterprise MOU •           建邺区生根出访成果签约,国际企业与建邺企业签署MOU •           Speech by Mr.Lan Shaomin, Mayor, Nanjing People’s Government •           南京市市长蓝绍敏致辞 14:00–15:30   Panel Speech & Discussion I 主论坛一 International Cities Transformation through Technological Innovation国际视野下以技术创新推动国际城市/区域转型发展 Moderator: Mr. Bernhard Weber, Chairman of European Chamber Nanjing Board 主持人:欧盟商会南京分会董事会主席魏博先生 •           Dr. Nicola Schelling, Regional Director, Verband Region Stuttgart •           德国斯图加特区域联盟地区总监Nicola Schelling博士 •           Mr. Pablo Gándara, Team Leader IUC Asia, European Union International Urban Cooperation (IUC) Programme..

Moderator: Dr. Andreas Risch, Managing Director, Fette Compacting China 主持人: 菲特中国制药科技有限公司总经理安睿史先生 •           Mr Wang Weiguo, Vice President, Siemens China •           西门子中国副总裁王伟国先生 •           Mr. Qin Han, Head of China, BASF Venture Capital •           巴斯夫创业投资中国负责人秦汉先生 •           Dr. Christian Mosch, Project Manager, Forum Industrie 4.0, VDMA •           德国机械设备制造业联合会工业4.0组项目经理 Christian Mosch先生 •           Mr. Ruben Schellingerhout, Counselor for Intellectual Property Rights,European Union Delegation to China Trade Section •           欧洲联盟驻华代表团贸易处知识产权参赞何林豪先生 •           Mr. Ryan McGee, Director, Connected Vehicle Platform and Products, Ford China •           福特汽车互联汽车平台和产品中国区总监Ryan McGee先生 •           Mr. Miao Yubin, Deputy General Manager, China Unicom Nanjing •           中国联通南京分公司副总经理苗玉斌先生 •           Mr. Gu Jiandang, President, Phoenix Contact China •           菲尼克斯中国投资有限公司总裁顾建党先生 17:30-17:35    Closing Remarks- Mr Eoin O'Leary, Irish Ambassador to China 爱尔兰驻华大使李修文先生闭幕致辞 18:00–19:30   VIP Dinner 特邀晚宴             Day 2: June 26th PM 6月26日下午      Sub-Panels of 2019 Nanjing Tech Week European Chamber High Level Innovation Conference南京创新周欧盟商会高层创新峰会分论坛  

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