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What Is GitHub?

GitHub is a collaboration and version control tool that programmers, developers, engineers, and others in the tech industry use as a sort of insurance policy against losing their work.

Journalists who use code to create databases or data visualization use GitHub, as do technical writers, academic researchers, and anyone else who might use computer code or work in a tech-focused space.

With GitHub, you can consistently save versions of your code to an external source as a way of keeping track of the changes you've made over time and having insurance against broken technology on your end.

in a job interview can easily flag you as someone who doesn't really know what they're talking about, so getting familiar with this tool can help prove your interest and expertise in tech.

Algorithmic biases in AI and machine learning - GitHub Universe 2017

Presented by Terri Burns, Twitter. Last year, NPR did a story answering the question, can computers be racist? (Yes.) Not soon after, Microsoft launched an AI ...

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How I'm Learning AI and Machine Learning

For the past 6 months or so, I have been teaching myself about artificial intelligence. In this video, I describe some of the places I learned from and a few of the ...

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We were excited to host Jeremy Howard, Co-Founder of Fast.AI, at GitHub HQ in San Francisco on Tuesday, December 11. During the chat, Jeremy Howard ...

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You can build a sustainable full-time income from doing freelance AI programming work. In this video, i'm going to show you the steps you can take to start your ...

🖥️ I Made an AI Drone That Tracks Any Face!

Register to enter IBM's Call for Code Challenge: AI Drone Part I: Fly Lil Drone - Official .

AI That Creates AI

How can we build AI that creates AI? This concept actually already exists! Google uses self-creating AI as part of its AutoML service that finds the best model for ...

Stock Price Prediction | AI in Finance

Can AI be used in the financial sector? Of course! In fact, finance was one of the pioneering industries that started using AI in the early 80s for market prediction.

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Here are some fun Google AI (Artificial Intelligence) Projects that you can try online. TRY GOOGLE AI 10 Upcoming ..

Artificial Curiosity

Curiosity is something that all humans exhibit in some way throughout their lives. Recently, a team at Berkeley published a paper on Curiosity driven learning, ...