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What Is GitHub?

GitHub is a collaboration and version control tool that programmers, developers, engineers, and others in the tech industry use as a sort of insurance policy against losing their work.

Journalists who use code to create databases or data visualization use GitHub, as do technical writers, academic researchers, and anyone else who might use computer code or work in a tech-focused space.

With GitHub, you can consistently save versions of your code to an external source as a way of keeping track of the changes you've made over time and having insurance against broken technology on your end.

in a job interview can easily flag you as someone who doesn't really know what they're talking about, so getting familiar with this tool can help prove your interest and expertise in tech.

Microsoft Monday: Useful Windows 10 Feature Coming, GitHub Free, MyAnalytics Expansion

This week “Microsoft Monday” features news about additional Microsoft 365 subscription services, the expansion of MyAnalytics, a change coming to Windows 10 setup, GitHub free updates, a partnership with Kroger and much more!

New Microsoft 365 Subscription Services Microsoft has added a couple of new Microsoft 365 packages to its subscription services, according to ZDNet.

The two new Microsoft 365 subscription bundles have been added to the price list and will become available starting February 1st.

Even though this feature may be useful for Windows 10 users at home, many IT admins find the feature to be frustrating: So the Cortana voice-over feature on Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education will be muted.

Useful Windows 10 Feature Coming As Microsoft prepares to roll out a new version of Windows 10 in April, a new useful feature is expected to be added to the Home SKU version.

In the most recent preview build of Windows 10 for Fast ring insiders, the Home SKU version allows users to pause updates for up to seven days.

And it might be possible for Windows Home users to pause automatic updates for up to 35 days when the final version gets released.

Kroger Partnership Microsoft and Kroger have announced a partnership today where digital shelves will be added to two pilot stores in Ohio and the state of Washington -- which will be near the headquarters of each company.

GitHub Free Back in June, Microsoft announced it was acquiring GitHub for $7.5 billion and a major new feature has been added to the developer repository service.

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