AI News, Generalists Dominate Data Science

Generalists Dominate Data Science

From the customer representative at one end, to the operations engineer at the other, the spectrum of roles in a product analytics team looks like this: Large companies often fill each role with a pair of shoes, resulting in a twelve person team like the one below.

To begin, a product manager creates a specification, then an interaction designer mocks up the chart, handing it off to a data scientist to fill with data (and hopefully to explore the data and find a chart worth producing), then a back-end engineer to setup an API to grab that data, a front-end web developer to create a web page using the data that matches the mock, and an experience designer to ensure the entire thing feels right and makes sense.

In the next figure, we see how a data product team might be composed of four generalists: a data engineer, a data scientist/back-end developer, a designer who can build front ends and a product manager that can write marketing copy and cut deals.

That doesn’t mean you can’t specialize, but should combine specialization with generalization in order to develop “T-shaped skills.” The T-shaped employee is one that can lend deep expertise across projects while fulfilling multiple roles in her own.

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