AI News, GeekWire Podcast: PitchBook CEO John Gabbert on the funding trends fueling the tech economy

GeekWire Podcast: PitchBook CEO John Gabbert on the funding trends fueling the tech economy

On the state of Seattle’s startup and tech ecosystem: I guess my short elevator pitch is: Things are looking good. Seattle, in general, is probably on pace to have the third best year over the last 10 of venture investing.

We’ve had Redfin with an IPO recently, and so that’s really just completing that venture capital lifecycle of companies receiving capital, growing, employing people and then returning capital back to investors.

think that the media has been writing about this a fair amount and increasing awareness and some of the changes that we’ve seen at — not to name names — but certain companies that have had executive changes, as well as venture capital funds and more early-stage groups that have had changes in their leadership because of this issue.

If we rewound this ten, fifteen years, I imagine across the U.S. — I don’t have the exact stat — but I would imagine that half of the number of companies that were listed ten years ago are listed today.

Where you used to have typical [leveraged buyout] shops you now have growth arms, and they’re really now providing that liquidity for early stage angel investors and venture firms as well as that next round of capital for growth, which used to be acquisition or IPO in the past.  On tech talent: There is a lot of competition for startups, with these larger companies that are either headquartered here or they are opening engineering offices here.

… I think as entrepreneurs we’re always looking to solve problems and with that being a real problem, finding talent, from the beginning [PitchBook] actually opened an engineering center in Ukraine.

And I think one question that entrepreneurs should ask themselves — whether they’re coming right out of school or really any stage of their career — picture if you get an offer from Amazon for $80,000 a year or $100,000 or $120,000.

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