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Nov 15, 2019 ( via COMTEX) -- Point Roberts, WA and Vancouver, BC - November 15, 2019 ( Newswire) (, a global investor news source covering Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings you today's edition of The AI Eye - watching stock news, deal tracker and advancements in artificial intelligence.

AI "will be trained with IC (Integrated Circuit) reliability models, based on physics-of-failure mechanisms", allowing it to "identify weak spots, predicting potential reliability failures due to physics phenomena".

IBM (NYSE:IBM) and subsidiary The Weather Company have announced the supercomputer-driven weather forecasting system known as IBM GRAF, which leverages AI, cloud and analytics to predict weather conditions up to 12 hours in advance with "detail and frequency previously unavailable"

Cameron Clayton , head of The Weather Company and general manager of IBM's Watson Media and Weather, commented: "We view the launch of IBM GRAF as a true inflection point in forecasting science, where technology helps democratize weather data for the good of society.

Dean Stoecker, CEO of Alteryx, commented: "Alteryx has a proven track record of enabling Smart City solutions across the globe and we are proud to partner with an organization equally dedicated to driving remarkable social outcomes.

An excerpt from the report summary reads: The increase in digitalization, presence of the huge amount of data, and significant adoption of advanced technologies by various industries are the key drivers that are propelling the growth of the AI Chip market.

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GBT - AI Technology To Be Implemented Within Epsilon Program

As the design moves forward and a more physical layout is produced, the system will adapt to identify weak spots, predicting potential reliability failures due to physics phenomena like Negative Bias Temperature Instability (NBTI), Electromigration (EM), Hot Carrier Injection (HCI) and Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown (TDDB).

GBT believes that its reliability predictions, early addressing and auto-correction will become a key player when designing modern chips, especially for high reliability demand fields like military, aviation/space and medicine.

We are now focused on enabling our analysis and auto-correction program, Epsilon, with the capability of predicting potential inner-chip nets that may overheat, cause poor performance or failure over time.

AI for the IC reliability domain will ensure high reliability and performance ICs which are particularly crucial for areas like aviation, space exploration, military and medicine, where human lives depend on integrated circuits operation.'

GBT envisions this system as a low-cost, secure, private mesh network between any enabled devices, providing shared processing, advanced mobile database management/sharing and enhanced mobile features as an alternative to traditional carrier services.

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The company says the technology will be used as a web-based application or an iOS/Android mobile application capable of retrieving specific data from just about any field, including medicine, law, engineering, Internet of Things (IoT), customer support and many more.

Its superior technology will slowly penetrate many aspects of our lives, and we’ll be starting in the medical field and then continuing to many other fields.” GBT has chosen the medical field as the technology’s entry point to show off just how disruptive a technology it can be.

It is this exciting claim that highlights research firm Gartner’s report emphasizing that one big driver of value for the future of the artificial intelligence markets is what we don’t already know about.

The ability to process large datasets quickly, and the capability of processing that information in new and different ways, opens up a world of possibilities for new business that isn’t imaginable today.

GBT envisions this system as a low-cost, secure, private mesh network between any enabled devices, providing shared processing, advanced mobile database management/sharing and enhanced mobile features as an alternative to traditional carrier services.

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