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The College of Engineering offers two degrees in computer engineering: The CEN degree (computer engineering: software option) is offered by the CISE department and the CEE degree (computer engineering: hardware option) is offered by the ECE department.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences degree program in computer science: refer to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences section of the catalog for degree requirements.

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In December 2017, Carnegie Mellon poker playing computer Libratus has stunned the world by winning 1.7M in a 20 days tournament against four poker stars.

In a nutshell, Libratus is a decision-making agent that takes decisions in an uncertain environment, exploring the potential consequences of their own choices using complex estimates of the world around.

This course is a study of the basic building blocks of decision-making agents, which are abstract entities living in an uncertain environment and are guided towards the realisation of given objectives.

Then it will move on to more sophisticated models allowing agents to have a representation of the other agents, their potential decisions and their goal, a representation about the representations of other agents, and so forth.

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