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Aarons, Toby and Bradburn, Steven and Robinson, Andrew and Payton, Antony and Pendleton, Neil and Murgatroyd, Chris

Abbasi, Rashid and Faseeh Qureshi, Nawab Muhammad and Hassan, Haseeb and Saba, Tanzila and Rehman, Amjad and Luo, Bin and Bashir, Ali Kashif

(2019)Generalized PVO‐based dynamic block reversible data hiding for secure transmission using firefly algorithm.

Abdou, H and Mitra, Shatarupa and Fry, John and Elamer, Ahmed Ahmed

(2019)Would two-stage scoring models alleviate bank exposure to bad debt?

AbuJarour, S and Wiesche, M and Díaz Andrade, A and Fedorowicz, J and Krasnova, H and Olbrich, S and Tan, C and Urquhart, Cathy and Venkatesh, V

Abujarada, Saada and Walton, Alex S and Thomas, Andrew G and Chohan, Urslaan K and Koehler, Sven PK

(2019)Adsorption site, orientation and alignment of NO adsorbed on Au(100) using 3D-velocity map imaging, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and density functional theory.

Aguinaga, OE and Wakelin, JFT and White, KN and Dean, AP and Pittman, JK

(2019)The association of microbial activity with Fe, S and trace element distribution in sediment cores within a natural wetland polluted by acid mine drainage.

Ahmed, Syed Hassan and Bashir, Ali K and Elhoseny, Mohamed and Guibene, Wael and Bouk, Safdar Hussain

Ahmed, Syed Hassan and Bashir, Ali Kashif and Guibene, Wael

Ainsworth, Steph and Oldfield, Jeremy

Ainsworth, Stephanie and Welbourne, Stephen and Woollams, Anna and Hesketh, Anne

(2019)Contrasting explicit with implicit measures of children’s representations: The case of segmental phonology.

Al-Kalha, Ziad and Reid, Iain and Dehe, Benjamin

(2019)Absorptive capacity perception towards supply chain quality integration.

Alasali, Feras and Luque, Antonio and Mayer, Rayner and Holderbaum, William

Albarbar, Alhussein and Arar, Abdullah

Albertson, Kevin and Fox, Chris

Albertson, Kevin and Stepney, Paul

Aldana Reyes, Xavier

Alexis-Martin, Becky

(2019)The nuclear imperialism-necropolitics nexus: contextualizing Chinese-Uyghur oppression in our nuclear age.

Alexis-Martin, Rebecca

(2019)The atomic history of Kiritimati – a tiny island where humanity realised its most lethal potential.

Alexis-Martin, Rebecca and Dyke, James and Turnbull, Jonothan and Malin, Stephanie

(2019)Climate crisis: migration cannot be the only option for people living on ‘drowning’ islands.

Ali, A and Rafique, H and Arshad, T and Alqarni, MA and Chauhdary, SH and Bashir, AK

(2019)A fractal-based authentication technique using sierpinski triangles in smart devices.

Ali, Sara and Mehmood, Faisal and Dancey, Darren and Ayaz, Yasar and Khan, Muhammad Jawad and Naseer, Noman and Amadeu, Rita De Cassia and Sadia, Haleema and Nawaz, Raheel

Allen, Maria and Allen, Matthew and Cumming, Douglas and Johan, Sophia

Amaibi, PM and Entwistle, JA and Kennedy, N and Cave, M and Kemp, SJ and Potgieter-Vermaak, S and Dean, JR

(2019)Mineralogy, solid-phase fractionation and chemical extraction to assess the mobility and availability of arsenic in an urban environment.

Andreoni, Valeria

Anjum, Ambreen and Muazzam, Amina and Manzoor, Farkhanda and Visvizi, Anna and Nawaz, Raheel

Anjum, Ambreen and Muazzam, Amina and Manzoor, Farkhanda and Visvizi, Anna and Pollock, Gary and Nawaz, Raheel

Antoniadou, Dr Marilena

Antoniadou, M and Crowder, Mark and Stewart, J

Antoniadou, Marilena and Crowder, Mark

(2019)The power of phenomenology in examining how organisational members give meaning to emotions.

Antonides, Lysbeth H and Brignall, Rachel M and Costello, Andrew and Ellison, Jamie and Firth, Samuel E and Gilbert, Nicolas and Groom, Bethany J and Hudson, Samuel J and Hulme, Matthew C and Marron, Jack and Pullen, Zoe A and Robertson, Thomas BR and Schofield, Christopher J and Williamson, David C and Kemsley, E Kate and Sutcliffe, Oliver B and Mewis, Ryan E

Antonides, Lysbeth H and Cannaert, Annelies and Norman, Caitlyn and Vives, Loelia and Harrison, Aidan and Costello, Andrew and Nic Daeid, Niamh and Stove, Christophe P and Sutcliffe, Oliver B and McKenzie, Craig

Archer, DE

Areneke, G and Yusuf, F and Kimani, D

(2019)Anglo-American governance adoption in non-Anglo-American settings: Assessing practitioner perceptions of corporate governance across three emerging economies.

Arif, Omar and Afzal, Hammad and Abbas, Haider and Amjad, Muhammad Faisal and Wan, Jiafu and Nawaz, Raheel

Arun, Shoba and Brahic, Benedicte and Taylor, Stephen

Ashnai, B and Smirnova, M and Henneberg, SC and Naudé, P

Askew, R and Bone, M

(2019)Deconstructing prohibitionist ideology: A sociocognitive approach to understand opinions on UK drug policy and the law.

Atkinson, Carol and Crozier, Sarah

Atsri, KH and Abotsi, KE and Kokou, K and Dendi, D and Segniagbeto, GH and Fa, JE and Luiselli, L

Atsri, Komina Honam and Abotsi, Komla Elikplim and Kokou, Kouami and Dendi, Daniele and Segniagbeto, Gabriel Hoinsoude and Fa, John and Luiselli, Luca

(2019)Ecological challenges for the buffer zone management of protected areas of forest-savannah mosaic in West Africa.

Ayu Nariswari, NP and Bamford, D and Dehe, B

Azzawi, May

Azzawi, May and Diaz, Miguel and Degens, Hans

(2019)Differential effects of resveratrol on the dilator responses of femoral arteries, ex vivo.

Baccarin, M and Rowley-Neale, SJ and Cavalheiro, ÉTG and Smith, GC and Banks, CE

(2019)Nanodiamond based surface modified screen-printed electrodes for the simultaneous voltammetric determination of dopamine and uric acid.

Badwan, Khawla and Simpson, James

Bagley, L and McPhee, JS and Ganse, B and Müller, K and Korhonen, MT and Rittweger, J and Degens, H

(2019)Similar relative decline in aerobic and anaerobic power with age in endurance and power master athletes of both sexes.

Baker, T and Asim, M and MacDermott, Á and Iqbal, F and Kamoun, F and Shah, B and Alfandi, O and Hammoudeh, M

Barr, ID and Ely, JC and Spagnolo, Matteo and Evans, IS and Tomkins, MD

(2019)The dynamics of mountain erosion: cirque growth slows as landscapes age.

Bartoli-Leonard, F and Wilkinson, FL and Schiro, A and Inglott, F Serracino and Alexander, MY and Weston, R

Basford, Jo

(2019)Being a graduate professional in the field of Early Childhood Education and Care: silence, submission and subversion.

Basford, Jo

(2019)The early years foundation stage: whose knowledge, whose values?

Bashir, Ali Kashif and Arul, Rajakumar and Basheer, Shakila and Raja, Gunasekaran and Jayaraman, Ramkumar and Qureshi, Nawab Muhammad Faseeh

(2019)An optimal multitier resource allocation of cloud RAN in 5G using machine learning.

Basson, Ashley James and McLaughlin, Mark G

Bastiaansen, Marcel and Lub, Xander and Mitas, Ondrej and Jung, Timothy and Passos Acenção, Mário and Han, Han and Moilanen, Teemu and Smit, Bert and Strijbosch, Wim

Batsleer, Janet and Thomas, Nigel Patrick and Pohl, Axel

Beake, BD and Liskiewicz, TW and Bird, A and Shi, X

(2019)Micro-scale impact testing - A new approach to studying fatigue resistance in hard carbon coatings.

Becker-Ritterspach, F and Allen, Maria and Lange, K and Allen, M

(2019)Home-country measures to support outward foreign direct investment: Variation and consequences.

Beecroft, Mark

(2019)Digital Interlooping: 3D printing of weft-knitted textile-based tubular structures using selective laser sintering of nylon powder.

Bell, Barbara and Daniels, John

(2019)Sport development in challenging times: leverage of sports events for legacy in disadvantaged communities.

Bernalte, E and Kamieniak, J and Randviir, EP and Banks, CE

(2019)The preparation of hydroxyapatite from unrefined calcite residues and its application for lead removal from aqueous solutions.

Berneau, Stephane C and Ruane, Peter T and Brison, Daniel R and Kimber, Susan J and Westwood, Melissa and Aplin, John D

Berry, Craig

Betlem, Kai and Kaur, Amanpreet and Hudson, Alexander D and Crapnell, Robert D and Hurst, George and Singla, Pankaj and Zubko, Mikhajlo and Tedesco, Silvia and Banks, Craig E and Whitehead, Kathryn and Peeters, Marloes

Bjerke, Annette Hessen and Solomon, Yvette

(2019)Developing self-efficacy in teaching mathematics: Pre-service teachers’ perceptions of the role of subject knowledge.

Blair, Garry and Pagano, Rosane and Burns, Beryl

Blow, J and Patel, S and Davies, IG and Gregg, R

(2019)Sociocultural aspects of takeaway food consumption in a low-socioeconomic ward in Manchester: A grounded theory study.

Blow, Jennifer and Gregg, Rebecca and Davies, Ian and Patel, Sumaiya

(2019)Type and density of independent takeaway outlets: a geographical mapping study in a low socioeconomic ward, Manchester.

Body, R and Almashali, M and Morris, N and Moss, P and Jarman, H and Appelboam, A and Parris, R and Chan, L and Walker, A and Harrison, M and Wootten, A and McDowell, G

(2019)Diagnostic accuracy of the T-MACS decision aid with a contemporary point-of-care troponin assay.

Body, Richard and Twerenbold, Raphael and Austin, Catrin and Boeddinghaus, Jasper and Almashali, Malak and Nestelberger, Thomas and Morris, Niall and Badertscher, Patrick and McDowell, Garry and Wildi, Karin and Moss, Phil and Gimenez, Maria Rubini and Jarman, Heather and Bigler, Nina and Einemann, Rachael and Koechlin, Luca and Pourmahram, Ghazaleh and Todd, John and Mueller, Christian and Freemont, Anthony

Borges dos Santos, K and Payton, C and Luiz Felix Rodacki, A

(2019)Front crawl arm stroke trajectories of physically impaired swimmers: A preliminary study.

Bradburn, Steven and Murgatroyd, Christopher and Ray, Nicola

Brazier, Jon and Antrobus, Mark and Stebbings, Georgina and Day, Stephen and Heffernan, Shane and Cross, Matthew and Williams, Alun

(2019)Tendon and ligament injuries in elite rugby: The potential genetic influence.

Brint, Andrew and Fry, John

(2019)Regional bias when benchmarking services using customer satisfaction scores.

Brooks, M and Graham-Kevan, N and Robinson, S and Lowe, M

Brown, Andrew D and Barrett, Judith ES and Bennett, Michael and Potgieter-Vermaak, Sanja

(2019)An investigation into the use of < 38 µm fraction as a proxy for < 10 µm road dust particles.

Brown, Andrew D and Yalala, Bongani and Cukrowska, Ewa and Godoi, Ricardo HM and Potgieter-Vermaak, Sanja

(2019)A scoping study of component-specific toxicity of mercury in urban road dusts from three international locations.

Bruce-Vanderpuije, Pennante and Megson, David and Jobst, Karl and Jones, Gareth Rhys and Reiner, Eric and Sandau, Court D and Clarke, Edith and Adu-Kumi, Sam and Gardella, Joseph A

(2019)Background levels of dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls (dlPCBs), polychlorinated, polybrominated and mixed halogenated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans (PCDD/Fs, PBDD/Fs &

Buckingham, Gavin and Parr, Johnny and Wood, Greg and Day, Sarah and Chadwell, Alix and Head, John and Galpin, Adam and Kenney, Laurence and Kyberd, Peter and Gowen, Emma and Poliakoff, Ellen

(2019)Upper- and lower-limb amputees show reduced levels of eeriness for images of prosthetic hands.

Bull, ER and Hart, JK and Swift, J and Baxter, K and McLauchlan, N and Joseph, S and Byrne-Davis, LMT

(2019)An organisational participatory research study of the feasibility of the behaviour change wheel to support clinical teams implementing new models of care.

Bullo, Stella

Bullo, Stella

(2019)'I feel like I am being stabbed by a thousand tiny men’: The challenges of communicating endometriosis pain.

Bunn, Geoffrey

Burke, Lucy

(2019)Dementia and the paradigm of the camp: thinking beyond Giorgio Agamben's concept of 'bare life'.

Burke, Matt and Fry, John

Cacciottolo, TM and Perikari, A and van der Klaauw, A and Henning, E and Stadler, LKJ and Keogh, J and Farooqi, IS and Tenin, G and Keavney, B and Ryan, E and Budd, R and Bewley, M and Coelho, P and Rumsey, W and Sanchez, Y and McCafferty, J and Dockrell, D and Walmsley, S and Whyte, M and Liu, Y and Choy, M-K and Tenin, G and Abraham, S and Black, G and Keavney, B and Ford, T and Stanley, B and Good, R and Rocchiccioli, P and McEntegart, M and Watkins, S and Eteiba, H and Shaukat, A and Lindsay, M and Robertson, K and Hood, S and McGeoch, R and McDade, R and Sidik, N and McCartney, P and Corcoran, D and Collison, D and Rush, C and McConnachie, A and Touyz, R and Oldroyd, K and Berry, Colin and Gazdagh, G and Diver, L and Marshall, J and McGowan, R and Ahmed, F and Tobias, E and Curtis, E and Parsons, C and Maslin, K and D’Angelo, S and Moon, R and Crozier, S and Gossiel, F and Bishop, N and Kennedy, S and Papageorghiou, A and Fraser, R and Gandhi, S and Prentice, A and Inskip, H and Godfrey, K and Schoenmakers, I and Javaid, MK and Eastell, R and Cooper, C and Harvey, N and Watt, ER and Howden, A and Mirchandani, A and Coelho, P and Hukelmann, JL and Sadiku, P and Plant, TM and Cantrell, DA and Whyte, MKB and Walmsley, SR and Mordi, I and Forteath, C and Wong, A and Mohan, M and Palmer, C and Doney, A and Rena, G and Lang, C and Gray, EH and Azarian, S and Riva, A and Edwards, H and McPhail, MJW and Williams, R and Chokshi, S and Patel, VC and Edwards, LA and Page, D and Miossec, M and Williams, S and Monaghan, R and Fotiou, E and Santibanez-Koref, M and Keavney, B and Badat, M and Mettananda, S and Hua, P and Schwessinger, R and Hughes, J and Higgs, D and Davies, J

Caiado, RGG and Quelhas, OLG and Nascimento, DLDM and Anholon, R and Leal Filho, W

(2019)Towards sustainability by aligning operational programmes and sustainable performance measures.

Cameron, James and McPhee, Jamie S and Jones, David A and Degens, Hans

(2019)Five-year longitudinal changes in thigh muscle mass of septuagenarian men and women assessed with DXA and MRI.

Campbell, Patrick

Campbell, Patrick and Turner, Jane

Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presença, 9 (3).

Caorsi, Valentina and Sprau, Philipp and Zollinger, Sue Anne and Brumm, Henrik

(2019)Nocturnal resting behaviour in urban great tits and its relation to anthropogenic disturbance and microclimate.

Caton, Sue and Koivunen, Emma-Reetta and Allison, Callum

(2019)Internet use for family carers of people with intellectual disabilities: A literature review and thematic synthesis.

Cerè, Giulia and Rezgui, Yacine and Zhao, Wanqing

(2019)Urban-scale framework for assessing the resilience of buildings informed by a delphi expert consultation.

Chadborn, Neil H and Goodman, Claire and Zubair, Maria and Sousa, Lídia and Gladman, John RF and Dening, Tom and Gordon, Adam L

(2019)Role of comprehensive geriatric assessment in healthcare of older people in UK care homes: realist review.

Chambers, Amy

Chang, YH and Wang, W and Chang, JY and Mottershead, JE

Chatzidamianos, Gerasimos and Fletcher, Ian and Wedlock, Laura and Lever, Rachel

(2019)Clinical communication and the ‘triangle of care’ in mental health and deafness: sign language interpreters’perspectives.

Chen, Hao and Qian, Ling and Ma, Zhihua and Bai, Wei and Li, Ye and Causon, Derek and Mingham, Clive

(2019)Application of an overset mesh based numerical wave tank for modelling realistic free-surface hydrodynamic problems.

Chen, Qiao and Cheng, Jianquan and Wu, Zhiqin

Christie, Fiona

(2019)Competing voices: a Figured Worlds approach to theorising graduate perspectives on career success.

Clark, J and Nijs, J and Smart, K and Holmes, Paul and Yeowell, Gillian and Goodwin, P

Clark, JR and Nijs, J and Smart, K and Holmes, P and Yeowell, G and Goodwin, PC

Clark, Jacqui R and Nijs, Jo and Yeowell, Gillian and Holmes, Paul and Goodwin, Peter C

Pain practice : the official journal of World Institute of Pain.

Cleeve, Emmanuel and Ode-Ichakpa, Inalegwwu

Collins, Tim and Woolley, Sandra I and Oniani, Salome and Pires, Ivan Miguel and Garcia, Nuno M and Ledger, Sean J and Pandyan, Anand

Conde, Dalia A and Staerk, Johanna and Colchero, Fernando and da Silva, Rita and Scholey, Jonas and Baden, H Maria and Jouvet, Lionel and Fa, John and Syed, Hassan and Jongejans, Eelke and Meiri, Shai and Gaillard, Jean-Michel and Chamberlain, Scott and Lebreton, Jean-Dominique and Gonzalez Vargas, Jaime and Flesness, Nate and Canudas-Romo, Vladimir and Salguero-Gomez, Roberto and Byers, Annie and Bjorneboe Berg, Thomas and Scheuerlein, Alexander and Devillard, Sebastien and Schigel, Dmitry S and Ryder, Oliver and Possingham, Hugh and Baudisch, Annette and Vaupel, James W

Cong, P and Bai, Wei and Teng, B

(2019)Analytical modeling of water wave interaction with a bottom-mounted surface-piercing porous cylinder in front of a vertical wall.

Conner, Mark and Grogan, Sarah and Simms-Ellis, Ruth and Scholtens, Keira and Sykes-Muskett, Bianca and Cowap, Lisa and Lawton, Rebecca and Armitage, Christopher J and Meads, David and Schmitt, Laetitia and Torgerson, Carole and West, Robert and Siddiqi, Kamran

(2019)Evidence that an intervention weakens the relationship between adolescent electronic cigarette use and tobacco smoking: A 24 month prospective study.

Conner, Mark and Grogan, Sarah and Simms-Ellis, Ruth and Scholtens, Keira and Sykes-Muskett, Bianca and Cowap, Lisa and Lawton, Rebecca and Armitage, Christopher J and Meads, David and Schmitt, Laetitia and Torgerson, Carole and West, Robert and Siddiqi, Kamran

(2019)Patterns and predictors of e-cigarette, cigarette and dual use uptake in UK adolescents: Evidence from a 24-month Prospective Study.

Conway, Antony and Hemphill, Tanya

Cooke, M and Wong, S and Press, F

Cooper, David

Cooper, David

Cooper, Rachel and Bann, D and Kuh, D and Wills, AK and Adams, J and Brage, S and Cooper, R and Health, on behalf of the National Survey of and scientific, Development and team, data collection

Copes-Gerbitz, Kelsey and Fletcher, William and Lageard, Jonathan GA and Rhanem, Mustapha and Harrison, Sandy P

(2019)Multidecadal variability in Atlas cedar growth in Northwest Africa during the last 850 years: Implications for dieback and conservation of an endangered species.

Coulthard, E and Norrey, J and Shortall, C and Harris, WE

Crapnell, RD and Hudson, A and Foster, CW and Eersels, K and van Grinsven, B and Cleij, TJ and Banks, CE and Peeters, M

Crome, Andrew

Crome, Andrew

(2019)Cosplay in the pulpit and ponies at prayer: Christian faith and lived religion in wider fan culture.

Crome, Keith and Clark, Ross

Cunningham, Stuart and Brill, Mark and Whalley, J Harry and Read, Rebecca and Anderson, Gordon and Edwards, Sarah and Picking, Richard

Cunningham, Stuart and McGregor, Iain

D'Cruze, Neil and Khan, Sophie and Carder, Gemma and Megson, David and Coulthard, Emma and Norrey, John and Groves, Georgina

Dagnall, Neil and Denovan, Andrew and Drinkwater, Kenneth and Parker, A

Dagnall, Neil and Denovan, Andrew and Papageorgiou, Kostas and Clough, Peter and Parker, Andrew and Drinkwater, Kenneth

Dahl, Julian and Degens, Hans and Hildebrand, Frank and Ganse, Bergita

Dao, Phung

(2019)Effects of task goal orientation on learner engagement in task performance.

Dao, Phung and Nguyen, Mai and Iwashita, Noriko

(2019)Teachers’ perceptions of learner engagement in L2 classroom task-based interaction.

Davies, Emma L and Paltoglou, Aspasia

(2019)Public self-consciousness, pre-loading and drinking harms among university students.

Davies, Julie and McGregor, Frances and Horan, Mark

(2019)Autoethnography and the doctorate in business administration: Personal, practical and scholarly impacts.

Davies, Julie and Yarrow, Emily and Syed, Jawad

(2019)The curious under‐representation of women impact case leaders: Can we disengender inequality regimes?

(2019)Swimming into modernity: innovation and invention amongst aquatic craft communities in Victorian England.

(2019)Aircraft sound exposure leads to song frequency decline and elevated aggression 3 in wild chiffchaffs.

(2019)The logic of the marketplace and the ethic of co-operation: a case study of a co-operative school.

(2019)Future time perspective, positive emotion and academic engagement: a longitudinal study.

(2019)French DNCG management control versus UEFA Financial Fair Play: a divergent conception of financial regulation objectives.

(2019)Gouvernance des clubs de football professionnels : Entre régulation et contrainte budgétaire.

(2019)Acute resveratrol supplementation in coronary artery disease: towards patient stratification.

(2019)Acute resveratrol supplementation in coronary artery disease: towards patient stratification.

(2019)The discriminant validity of standardised testing battery and its ability to differentiate anthropometric and physical characteristics between youth, academy and senior professional rugby league players.

(2019)The effects of in-season, low-volume sprint interval training with and without sport-specific actions on the physical characteristics of elite academy rugby league players.

(2019)Utilisation of the static Evans method to measure magnetic susceptibilities of transition metal acetylacetonate complexes as part of an undergraduate inorganic laboratory class.

(2019)Testing random effects in linear mixed‐effects models with serially correlated errors.

(2019)Restraint minimisation in mental health care: legitimate or illegitimate force?

(2019)Minimising the use of physical restraint in acute mental health services: The outcome of a restraint reduction programme (‘REsTRAIN YOURSELF’).

(2019)Staff experiences and understandings of the REsTRAIN Yourself initiative to minimize the use of physical restraint on mental health wards.

(2019)Co-developing beliefs and social influence networks—towards understanding socio-cognitive processes like Brexit.

(2019)Sustainability-Led Design: Feasibility of incorporating whole-life cycle energy assessment into BIM for refurbishment projects.

(2019)Age at sexual maturity, first parturition and reproductive senescence in wild lowland pacas (Cuniculus paca): Implications for harvest sustainability.

(2019)Analytical determination of heroin, fentanyl and fentalogues using high-performance liquid chromatography with diode array and amperometric detection.

(2019)The acute response of the nucleus pulposus of the cervical intervertebral disc to three supine postures in an asymptomatic population.

(2019)A methodology for the resolution of cashtag collisions on Twitter – A natural language processing &

(2019)Viande de brousse, impacts anthropiques et santé humaine dans les forêts tropicales humides : le cas du virus Ebola.

(2019)Spatial modelling for predicting potential wildlife distributions and human impacts in the Dja Forest Reserve, Cameroon.

A critical exploration of the impacts of a community food initiative on people, place and prosperity.

(2019)Real-world incidence and prevalence of low back pain using routinely collected data.

(2019)Exploring the reactivity of distinct electron transfer sites at CVD grown monolayer graphene through the selective electrodeposition of MoO2 nanowires.

(2019)Revenus et Superstars dans les sports individuels : Le cas du tennis et du golf masculins [Revenue and Superstars in individual sports.

(2019)The integration of social responsibility and sustainability in practice: Exploring attitudes and practices in Higher Education Institutions.

(2019)The role of planning in implementing sustainable development in a higher education context.

(2019)Centre of mass control is reduced in older people when descending stairs at an increased riser height.

(2019)Offering the best death possible: Supporting people using substances at the end of life.

(2019)Sputter-deposited nitrides for oxidation protection in a steam environment at high temperatures.

(2019)Elucidating genomic patterns and recombination events in plant cybrid mitochondria.

(2019)Combined resistance and stretching exercise training benefits stair descent biomechanics in older adults.

(2019)International variations in mental-health law regulating involuntary commitment of psychiatric patients as measured by the Mental Health Legislation Attitudes Scale.

(2019)A qualitative study of cardiovascular disease risk communication in NHS Health Check using different risk calculators: protocol for the RIsk COmmunication in NHS Health Check (RICO) study.

(2019)The performance impact of informal and formal institutional differences in cross-border alliances.

(2019)A Random Forest-Cellular Automata modelling approach to explore future land use/cover change in Attica (Greece), under different socio-economic realities and scales.

(2019)Antimicrobial strategies to reduce polymer biomaterial infections and their economic implications and considerations.

(2019)Host genetics and geography influence microbiome composition in the sponge Ircinia campana.

(2019)Whole body scanning as a tool for clothing sizing: Effects on women’s body satisfaction.

(2019)Answering the world: young children’s running and rolling as more-than-human multimodal meaning making.

(2019)Getting out of the house: the use of community transport as a third place for rural-dwelling older adults.

(2019)Effects of surfactant on morphology, chemical properties and catalytic activity of hydroxyapatite.

(2019)Lack of perceived competence is linked to perceived workplace bullying among Jordanian registered nurses.

Hammond, Natalie and van Hooff, Jenny

Hamshire, Claire and Jack, kirsten and Forsyth, Rachel and Langan, Anthony and Harris, Wilson

Han, D and Jung, T and tom Dieck, MC

Han, D and tom Dieck, Mandy

(2019)Combined exercise and visual gaze training improves stepping accuracy in people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

(2019)What is important to people living with dementia?: the ‘long-list’ of outcome items in the development of a core outcome set for use in the evaluation of non-pharmacological community-based health and social care interventions.

(2019)Making her end of life her own: further reflections on supporting a loved one with motor neurone disease.

International journal of palliative nursing, 25 (6).

(2019)'Promoting the mental and physical wellbeing of people with mental health difficulties through social enterprise”.

(2019)Perceived mechanisms of change in therapeutic yoga targeting psychological distress.

Hatfield, Jack H and Barlow, Jos and Joly, Carlos A and Lees, Alexander C and de Freitas Parruco, Celso H and Tobias, Joseph A and Orme, C David L and Banks-Leite, Cristina

(2019)Differentially methylated gene patterns between age-matched sarcopenic and non-sarcopenic women.

(2019)A qualitative study of the impact of plexiform neurofibromas on need fulfilment in adults with neurofibromatosis type 1.

(2019)A novel microbiological medium for the growth of periodontitis associated pathogens.

(2019)Deforestation dynamics in an endemic-rich mountain system: Conservation successes and challenges in West Java 1990–2015.

(2019)Pinnule and stomatal size and stomatal density of living and fossil bowenia and eobowenia specimens give insight into physiology during cretaceous and eocene paleoclimates.

(2019)Structured lifestyle education for people with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and first-episode psychosis (STEPWISE): Randomised controlled trial.

(2019)The value of tibial mounted inertial measurement units to quantify running kinetics in elite football (soccer) players.

A reliability and agreement study using a research orientated and a clinically orientated system.

(2019)Doing advisory work: the role of expert advisers in national reviews of teacher education.

(2019)Taking a Breath of the Wild: are geoscientists more effective than non-geoscientists in determining whether video game world landscapes are realistic?

(2019)Knee problems are common in young adults and associated with physical activity and not obesity: The findings of a cross-sectional survey in a university cohort.

(2019)A new approach to the cohesive zone model that includes thermal effects.

Illingworth, Samuel and Wake, paul

(2019)How useful is a single measurement of patellar mobility in the assessment of patients with patellofemoral pain?

(2019)Lifetime socioeconomic circumstances and chronic pain in later adulthood: Findings from a British birth cohort study.

(2019)How do health and social care professionals in England and Wales assess mental capacity?

(2019)Numerical investigation of wave forces on two side-by-side non-identical boxes in close proximity under wave actions.

(2019)Numerical investigation of piston-model wave resonance in the narrow gap formed by a box in front of a wall.

(2019)The imperative to be seen: The moral economy of celebrity video game streaming on

(2019)Working and homeless: exploring the interaction of housing and labour market insecurity.

Joseph, Lowdon and Eersels, Kasper and Rogosic, Renato and Heidt, Benjamin and Dilien, Hanne and Steen Redeker, Erik and Peeters, Marloes and van Grinsven, Bart and Cleij, Thomas

(2019)Medical and health sciences academics’ behaviours and attitudes towards open access publishing in scholarly journals: a perspective from South Korea.

(2019)The language and communication attributes of graphic symbol communication aids – a systematic review and narrative synthesis.

Jung, T and tom Dieck, Mandy and Lee, Hyunae and Chung, Namho

(2019)Guest editorial: Special issue on software defined networking: Trends, challenges, and prospective smart solutions.

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(2019)To explore how familiarity can mediate or lessen a decrement in identification caused by inconsistent camera angle.

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A sensory ethnographic exploration into migrants’ experiences of nostalgia and its affect on personal wellbeing.

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(2019)Perceptions of cannabis use: What effect does the perceived use and approval among friends, perceived harm of use, and perceived risk of legal consequences have on the intentions to use cannabis?

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