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By: Paul Carthy, managing director, Accenture Energy Industry Group, Middle East and Turkey and Barry Walker, senior manager, Accenture Applied Intelligence, Middle East and Turkey From real-time visualisation of drilling operations to digital replicas of physical assets where companies can build and scale new offerings, the last 18 months have seen key oil and gas players accelerate their investment in artificial intelligence (AI).

Three consecutive years of lower oil prices and slim margins have created a sense of urgency to improve operational efficiencies across the value chain, from exploration and production through to fuel retailing.

According to Accenture’s recent Reworking the Revolution research, if all energy companies were to commit to AI and human-machine collaboration to the same degree as the top 20 per cent of performers, revenues could be boosted by more than 50 per cent by 2022, with a corresponding 5 per cent increase in employment levels.

A leading approach involves an in-depth assessment to identify where AI and digital, in general, can deliver value, taking into consideration the specific needs and constraints of that company, as well as the innovation culture of its employees and a collaborative ecosystem of partners.

The next step is then to determine the return on investment based on the total overall value that can be released over the next two to three years using our advanced models based on past experiences.

With a digital services factory customised to its specific needs, the company can then leverage its connected assets across infrastructure and sites to build and scale new offerings, for example for predictive maintenance, asset monitoring, energy optimisation or health, safety and the environment.

At production sites, for example, intelligent technologies can capture information and images, whether of a corroded pipe, an asset or operator logs – half of which are handwritten – comprehend what the different pieces of information mean both individually and in relation to each other and enable managers to act on the insights.

AAAI 2019 Conference | Thirty-Third AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence

The purpose of the AAAI conference is to promote research in artificial intelligence (AI) and scientific exchange among AI researchers, practitioners, scientists, and engineers in affiliated disciplines.

AAAI-19 will have a diverse technical track, student abstracts, poster sessions, invited speakers, tutorials, workshops, and exhibit and competition programs, all selected according to the highest reviewing standards.

Explore the rich history of the Islands at one of the many museums or historical sites, take a hike in a lush tropical forest, or admire the unparalleled views from the conference site.

Full or Associate Professor in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning

The Department of Computer Science offers complete bachelor, master and doctoral courses, focusing on the basic theoretical concepts of computer science, the mastery and development of advanced tools, and their multidisciplinary application in fields as varied as theoretical computer science, formal methods, information theory, High Performance computations, numerical modelling and simulation, bioinformatics, etc.

This is a full-time position with courses at the bachelor, master and post-graduate levels.The person taking on this new position must be able to teach the basic subjects of computer science, as well as specialized courses in the field of AI and machine learning.

TITLE AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Doctorate of Science or equivalent title Candidates will have a solid background in computer science, complemented by extensive scientific competence enabling them to collaborate with all UNIGE researchers in various fields (physics, biology, environmental sciences, social and human sciences, etc.).

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