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Privacy Cryptocurrency Zcash Prepares for ‘Friendly’ Fork

In about five hours, the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Zcash will spawn a new blockchain network called Ycash.

“New money often buys up the cryptocurrency being forked in order to secure his/her claims of the new coins.” Of course, the value of these newly issued coins, called YECs, on the Ycash network may be significantly lower than ZECs on the Zcash network.

In just four months time, the resulting cryptocurrency network dubbed bitcoin cash hit an all-time market capitalization of $69 billion with one BCH trading at roughly $4,000.

This despite having undergone its own network split in November of last year and a presumed 51 percent attack in May. As such, for users of the near $700 million blockchain network that is Zcash, the creation of Ycash at roughly 3:00 UTC on Friday, July 19 may mark the beginning of a new source of investment returns.

“One possible way to claim your coins is to download your ZEC wallet and make sure your coins are in the ZEC wallet at the time of the fork.” Some cryptocurrency exchanges have publicly announced they will be managing private keys of users to support the network split and ensure equivalent holdings of YEC once the spin-off cryptocurrency in created.

It’s unlikely something would happen but anytime where you change someone’s security model that way it’s a risk to users.” As such, Cincinnati says that no matter the “friendly” intentions, there are always risks associated with chain “splits, forks, or anything of the sort” that users should be aware of.

Loo told CoinDesk: “I started to see the writing on the wall that there was going to be some subset of the community that favors not honoring the original promise that 90 percent of the money supply be allocated to users via the free-market mining process and that key organizations of the Zcash ecosystem, including the Electric Coin Company, were likely to take that route as well.” As such, Loo called Ycash a “preemptive move” to preserve the original promise of capping the Founder’s Reward rate to just 10 percent of all newly issued coins on the network via block rewards.

In order to “make it impossible” to accidentally send Zcash to a Ycash address or vice versa, Loo explains that all shielded addresses (these are private addresses on a Zcash-based network) will begin with a “y” instead of a “z”.

This fork I hope will be safer for users than [other blockchain] forks in the past.” Since the original unveiling of the Ycash initiative back in April, Loo and his team of developers have completed three different dry runs of the split on the Zcash test network and one privately on the Zcash main network.

“We put a lot of engineering time in making sure the fork goes smoothly.” For users who want to watch the fork in real-time, cryptocurrency markets site CoinGecko features a public countdown clock and coin price tracking chart.

For these reasons, SafeTrade’s Galloway says larger cryptocurrency exchanges will likely choose to begin listing Ycash as a cryptocurrency after it is clear that both the Zcash and Ycash networks are stable with high transaction confirmation counts and hashrate.

Promoting Economic Prosperity in Cyberspace

3 The first major challenge to the free flow of information on the Internet came as the World Wide Web was achieving rapidly growing levels of use across the United States and the world.

Immediately upon enactment, a large coalition of civil liberties organizations, leading technology companies (Microsoft, Apple, America Online), news organizations, and libraries all came together to challenge the law as a threat to free expression online and to the very viability of the Internet.

Bitcoin ATM Firm LibertyX Expands Locations via New Partnership

LibertyX, the firm that launched America’s first Bitcoin (BTC) automated teller machine (ATM), will add 90 new machines to its network.

In order to expand the network, Boston-based LibertyX has partnered with independent ATM operator DesertATM, according to a report by global ATM market publication ATMmarketplace on July 18.

According to Yim, the firm’s network now spans across 43 states and allows users to buy Bitcoin from a cashier or ATM using their debit card or a kiosk, with a limit of $3,000 of Bitcoin at a time.

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