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Foundations of Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the idea of building a system that can mimic human intelligence.

How we determine intelligence is based off of how people plan, learn, natural language processing, motion and manipulation, perception, and creativity.

One concept that is important to note is that computers only perform algorithms and programs given, they cannot inherently create algorithms on their own.

The Turing Test is used as a theoretical standard to determine whether a human judge can distinguish via a conversation with one machine and one human which is a human and which is a machine.

Those developing CAPTCHAs are using these as a tool to teach computers to recognize and learn words and/or images that humans are able to identify.

CAPTCHA is considered a reverse Turing test because a computer is determining whether a human user is indeed human.

The Wright brothers and others stopped their attempts to imitate birds and to instead embrace the idea of aerodynamics.

In the game the player imagines an animal (real or imaginary) and answers a series of questions, which are designed for the computer to guess what the animal is assuming the player always answers the questions truthfully.

The formal type of machine learning is a computer program that learns from experience in respect to some task and increases performance based on that experience (Tom Mitchell, 1998).

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