AI News, Forget Siri: Here's a New Way for Robots to Talk

Forget Siri: Here's a New Way for Robots to Talk

When two people have a casual chat, they speak in a flow of half-phrases, interrupting, laughing, saying “uh huh.” Sothe first part of Chao and Thomaz’s work is a new way to model conversations with AI.

there’s silence), both the human and the bot can insert comments into the mix anytime, take the conversation in new directions naturally, instead of waiting for an entire turn to complete.

What we need is for these interactions to be more like the dynamic conversations in “Her.” Personality using tricks from improv theatre The second part of Chao’s work involves modulating the speaking personality of the robot, using simple dynamics and timing.

These cues have also been receiving more public attention as women strive to achieve equality in the workplace through how they communicate.” Based on these improv theatre discussions, Chao devised a set of parameters that she can adjust to give the robot a more active or passive attitude: To test her system, Chao created two experimental conditions, one where the robot used active parameters, and one where the robotmaintained passive parameters.

For simplicity, the robot here acts as a toddler speaking a protolanguage (don’t try to make sense of the words, it’s mostly babbling), but experiments like this allow the researchers to focus on specific things likethe timing and dynamics of the interaction.

“When the robot was active, people tended to respond and give feedback to whatever the robot was doing, saying ‘Wow!’, ‘Good job!’,” she says.“When the robot was more passive, people felt obligated to take more initiative.

Instead of the expected “outgoing” personality their parameters predicted, some participants called the robot “spacey” or “aloof.” She explains: “In general, we expect that when the robot is more active and takes more turns, it will be perceived as more extroverted and socially engaging.

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