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FDA Market-Approves First AI-Based Echocardiography Software

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted marketing approval to what it calls the first echocardiography software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) 'to guide users through cardiac ultrasound image acquisition,' the agency announced today.

That the software could allow nonexpert clinicians to obtain useful 2D echocardiograms 'demonstrates the potential for artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to increase access to safe and effective cardiac diagnostics that can be life-saving for patients.'

Artificial intelligence-created medicine to be used on humans for first time

A drug molecule 'invented' by artificial intelligence (AI) will be used in human trials in a world first for machine learning in medicine.

The molecule - known as DSP-1181 - was created by using algorithms that sifted through potential compounds, checking them against a huge database of parameters.

The firm is already working on potential drugs for the treatment of cancer and cardiovascular disease and hopes to have another molecule ready for clinical trials by the end of the year.

'I'm excited to see what I believe is the first example of a new drug now entering human clinical trials, that was created by scientists using AI in a major way to guide and speed up discovery.'

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