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What’s in a name?A lot of thinking.

He leads the research and development team focusing on four main areas of A) Big Data and Analytics, B) Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning C) Parallel processing and D) UI/Web development.

He also worked as a team lead in cloud innovation lab of IBM, designing and implementing next-generation IBM next-generation data centre and infrastructures.

Sina did his doctoral studies at computer science department of McGill University on the area of high-performance computing combined with artificial intelligence.

KA-205 Artificial Intelligence

We are looking for partner IT school, Technic University, technology enterprise, futurist or coder youth organization;- Who is studying Artificial Intelligence in their daily job?- Who can do their tasks on-time, even in the proposal stage?- Who can use Creative Thinking methods to understand the target group?- Who are willingly serious hard workers?- Who are not busy that they can involve the planning step of the project together?

6 Developing Female Robots With Artificial Intelligence Will Be Your Partner or Assistant In Future.

6 Developing female Robots with Artificial Intelligence 'll Be your Partner or Assistant At Home Or Work in Future.

AIDirections - Your AI Partner

Adapting Artificial Intelligence is all about finding the best strategy and implementing it wisely. Get to know the in-depth information by the CEO of one of the ...

Do you know that artificial intelligence is becoming a partner of human resources?

How. Discover the Sopra HR answer.... bots, Artificial intelligence....

Artificial intelligence applied to virtual dance partner

A new project from the Georgia Institute of Technology allows people to get move with a computer-controlled dancer, which “watches” the person and improvises ...

Artificial intelligence scans dating sites to find matches for you

A new app might be able to help you find better matches in your quest for love. CBS News' Jennifer Palmer has more.

How to Monetize AI and Machine Learning Solutions

We asked Partner and Board Member Madhavan Ramanujam how companies, especially those in the software, internet, and tech industries, can make money ...

All Best Artificial Intelligence Humanoid Robots Until 2019 || Female Version

All Best Artificial Intelligence Humanoid Robots Until 2019 || Female Version. Create Amazon Business Account : ..

HER - Falling in Love with an Artificial Intelligence

support- one time donation - blog- Can an AI technology be our romantic

AI for Business: How Should We Frame It?

BCG Partner and Managing Director Philipp Gerbert presents on the benefits of AI to a group of senior leaders at MIT. Welcome to the official YouTube channel ...

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with Skapánê and OpenIO

In this session our partner Skapánê talks about the future of Big Data and Data Processing, followed by a demo of OpenIO SDS and Grid For Apps for image ...