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AI: The Somnium Files

It was originally revealed at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) on March 2nd, 2017 as PROJECT:psync[6], only featuring a teaser image of a robotic eye.

Over a year later, at Anime Expo on July 5th, 2018[7], the game was officially revealed as AI: The Somnium Files at the Spike Chunsoft panel, along with the official trailer, and a special message by one of the characters of the game, Iris Sagan.

This started a set of weekly videos created by A-set set within the universe of AI, adding new information to the world and acting as promotional material for the game.

The following day, March 21st, the second trailer for the game was revealed at GDC, with an official release date of July 25th, 2019.[5]

The video series continued through the following weeks, with interviews and news articles about the game released alongside them.

A-set announced that she would be featuring world premiere gameplay of AI: The Somnium Files for her video on May 15th, and a Famitsu article detailing gameplay information released that morning (NA time).

On May 31st, a new trailer was released for the game, showing off gameplay and story sections, ending with the announcement of a Day One Edition with special bonuses that would be added to the Special Agent Edition.[8] On July 30th, Spike Chunsoft announced that a special PC version of the Special Agent Edition would be released in collaboration with Limited Run Games, with the first 500 purchases including an Anime Expo exclusive poster and lanyard.[9] On September 5th, Spike Chunsoft announced that, due to heavy demand and manufacturing delays, the physical North American release of AI: The Somnium Files was delayed by a week, until the 24th of September, while the digital release remained the same.[10] On September 17th, the game was released, first on digital in North America, and followed by the subsequent release dates for all other versions and regions.

Unlike previous works by Kotaro Uchikoshi (which generally have 9 or 10 main characters and perhaps 2-3 side characters), the game features a very wide cast of characters, with 7 main characters and around 21 minor characters, all designed by Yūsuke Kozaki.

The main cast consists of the core members of the Advanced Brain Investigation Squad, who investigate the serial killings, and the three youths that the mysteries of the story all revolve around:

In real-world investigations, the player controls Date in a first-person adventure style to search for clues and gain testimony.

Each puzzle has a time limit of 6 minutes, and interacting with objects will consume a set amount of time.

Day One Edition The Day One Edition is a special limited time issue of the game that released on September 24th, 2019 (NA only) for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4, a week after the digital launch date, like the other NA physical editions' delays.

Like the Day One Edition, this edition would normally only be sold for the Nintendo Switch and the Playstation 4, since it includes a physical copy of the game, on September 24th, 2019 (NA) and September 20th, 2019 (EU/AU)[23], like the other two editions.

On a Friday November night, Kaname Date is called to a murder scene at Bloom Park in the quarantined Kabasaki District, where Shoko Nadami's corpse is found tied to a merry-go-round horse with her left eye removed.

Searching the area, Date finds Shoko's daughter, Mizuki Okiura, in the merry-go-round's central column, clutching the murder weapon and suffering from aphonia.

As he rests in Mizuki's hospital room overnight, Date falls asleep and sees a dream constructed from his memories before he had amnesia, 6 years ago.

In his dream, he sees a woman shot and bleeding on the floor, and a man holding a gun standing beside her.

As Date learns about Ota and Mizuki's discovery of the crime, the net idol A-set (real name Iris Sagan) appears, who, after some coercion and blackmail, manages to tag along with Date in his investigation.

Within the B story of the Somnium, Date and Aiba find the frozen corpse of Iris underneath the merry-go-round and learn about a phone ringing in the area during the time of the crime.

This action, while leaving Mizuki uncured, gives Date the information to look for a phone at Bloom Park at night, where he finds that an unknown caller was the last person to try and contact the phone.

After Date wakes up, the serial killer begins a livestream showing Iris laid on a table inside the Okiura Fishery Cold Storage Warehouse, with her left eye missing and a saw-blade above her.

The killer, dressed in a polar bear costume, starts the saw-blade machine, but is foiled by Ota, who arrives at the scene.

On Tuesday, Date continues his investigation, believing Mayumi's confession to be false to protect her son, and learns about what she was doing the night of the livestream.

Later that night, Aiba reveals new clues she found: video footage of Iris stealing the kitchen knife herself, and Shoko's eyeball located in Renju's stomach.

The following day, on Tuesday, Date takes Mizuki along as they investigate the wounded killer's identity, and they inform a CSI agent to speed up the blood analysis at the scene.

A few days later, Date, Mizuki, and a repaired Aiba visit the Ikume Shrine, where they discuss the now-closed Cyclops case, as well as how Mizuki's homeroom teacher was seen speaking with So Sejima.

In Branch B of Iris's Somnium, Date learns that Iris has knowledge of the Original Cyclops Serial Killings case from 6 years ago, down to the last detail, and sees his own face in the killer's reflection.

With Rohan dead from suicide a year prior, Pewter reveals the other to be a prisoner named #89, who had called HQ about knowing the New Cyclops Killer's identity.

#89 begins recounting a story: six years prior to the game's events, a detective began killing criminals whom he deemed deserved to be punished for their crimes.

When Date searches for Boss to question her about the memory he saw, he finds a video showcasing Boss shooting So Sejima in the head, with his left eye missing.

However, Renju had escaped from the hospital overnight, and Date searches for him at Sunfish Pocket, where he runs into Ota and learns that during Iris' livestream last night, an unknown visitor had shown up at her house.

Date, Iris, and Ota begin to wonder if Date's phenomenon with Iris's dead body was truly caused by a change in parallel worlds or some other supernatural event.

After they escape and head to Date's home, Iris reveals that she is supposedly being hunted down by a secret organization known as NAIXATLOZ, who are trying to take over the world using the Wadjet System.

They find Pewter and interrogate him, learning that Pewter has been leaking information on the case to Renju, that he orchestrated #89's escape on behalf of Renju's wishes, and that the mercenaries were ordered by Pewter himself.

She tells them that, a month prior, she followed her father Renju to the Okiura Fishery warehouse and found the woman's body inside the forklift.

Aiba searches the missing persons database and finds a matching case: Manaka Iwai, who disappeared 18 years ago.

He resolves to stay in Somnium until he finds the truth, but Boss and Pewter tell him the real reason for the six minute limit in Somnia: spending too long in a Somnium can cause the consciousness and memories of both the Psyncer and the subject to switch, causing them to swap bodies.

18 years prior to the game's events, Manaka Iwai was the mistress of Congressman So Sejima, eventually giving birth to a baby girl.

They were able to dig up her corpse shortly after, and decided to keep her body frozen in the Okiura Fishery warehouse for 18 years, which Renju soon took ownership of.

With the truth revealed, Pewter appears under orders from the MPD and So Sejima to close the investigation on Manaka's murder, but Date and Hitomi manage to escape and head to an abandoned factory, where an unknown caller told Hitomi to head to in order to save Iris.

With Pewter's help, Date Psyncs with her, witnessing all the Cyclops murders laid out in order, but committed by the victims that followed: Shoko killed by Renju, Renju killed by Iris, Iris killed by So, and So killed by Boss.

After the Psync, Date declares that the person he is interrogating is not Boss, but rather an unknown person who used the prototype Psync Machine in the abandoned factory in order to swap bodies, killing the previous host afterwards.

On Sunday, he was taken to HQ for interrogation as 'Iris,' and after being released, stole Ota's car at the convenience store and abducted So Sejima, swapping bodies with him.

As a familiar voice rings in his head about parallel worlds being real, he wonders if there is another world that exists with a better outcome.

Back in the Resolution Route, on Wednesday past midnight, Date wakes up strapped into the prototype Psync Machine, and realizes that #89 is actually Saito Sejima, who had been in Renju's body until he swapped with Rohan, inside of #89, and killed him.

Soon after, Falco met with Saito to get a confession, but Saito saw through the deception and captured him, forcing him to tell Saito about the Psync machines and its ability to swap bodies.

Three months later, Iris is recovering from the surgery that removed her brain tumors, paid for by the MPD in return for those involved keeping what they know about the Old and New Cyclops Killers a secret.

So Sejima announces he is no longer a politician, and reveals to Date his past secrets involving Manaka's murder and the history behind the abandoned factory.

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