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HEARBO Robot Dances, Listens to Music

HEARBO is a robot developed at Honda Research Institute--Japan to understand the world of sound. This experiment was developed in collaboration with ...

FEUP Medical Robot - HSM

FEUP Medical Robot - HSM.

Video Artificial Intelligence Robot Doctor

Robot medical doctor with superhuman computational intelligence.Soon to be released

MasterSplinter [Computer Vision Robot] - Line Follower and Labyrinth Solver

MasterSplinter is a robot developed as a final project in Intelligent Robotics, Informatics Engineering Masters course (MIEIC) at FEUP 2013/2014.

Multiple Linear Regression

Using Bike Sharing Dataset Hadi Fanaee-T Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support (LIAAD), University of Porto INESC Porto, Campus da ...

Intellwheels Simulator - Intelligent Wheelchair Simulator

Screen capture of an intelligent wheelchar simulation on Intellwheels Simulator, developed at Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Laboratory (LIACC) ...

Commit Porto '17: Why is C++ relevant again? (Pedro Ferreira)

"Why is C++ relevant again?" by Pedro Ferreira Slides: Commit Porto '17 - June 3, 2017 // //

Medical robot learns to defuse bomb Video Reuters

Medical robot learns to defuse bomb Video Reuters.

RI Seminar: Kanna Rajan : Advancing Autonomous Operations in the Field From Outer to Inner Space

Kanna Rajan Visiting Professor, FEUP, University of Porto January 16, 2015 Abstract Ocean Sciences the world over is at a cusp, with a move from the ...

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