AI News, FBI Sentinel System Slips a Bit More But Remains In Budget

FBI Sentinel System Slips a Bit More But Remains In Budget

Image of commemorative Sentinel project coin from Mountain Skies catalog The FBI Sentinel System, the replacement for the infamous Virtual Case File (VCF) fiasco that Spectrum's senior editor Harry Goldstein wrote about in exquisite detail in his report, 'Who Killed the Virtual Case File,' has slipped its schedule another three months but has managed to stay within its $456 million budget, according to an audit of the Justice Department's Inspector General (IG).

As stated in the audit report, 'The FBI and Lockheed Martin encountered significant challenges deploying new electronic versions of forms used by FBI agents during investigations that functioned as intended and met user requirements.'

In addition, users found Sentinel to be slow, which the audit report attributed to the FBI's aging internal network infrastructure, which is receiving a $39 million upgrade that is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

We have concerns with the staffing of the project because of a recent increase in turnover among project staff members, vacancies within the Sentinel PMO, and because the Sentinel PMO Staffing Plan does not reflect the current staffing levels or skills needed for the project.'

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