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During a presentation at Nvidia’s GTC Conference in San Jose, University of Chicago radiologist Paul Chang said the industry needs to “drill for gas and build roads”

AI technology needs to be able to plumb deep data sets (gas) and effectively integrate into the workflow (roads) to drive actual clinical adoption and transformation.

more specifically, the lack of wide ranging annotated data sets –  still function as a major limiting factor for training and fine-tuning deep learning algorithms.

The idea of feeding internal and personalized data back into the algorithm overcomes some of the high degree of variance that exists across the healthcare system where different hospitals have different demographics, instruments and operations.

In order to actually make sure this technology works within individual healthcare systems, Nvidia has released a feature called Clara Deploy which enables organizations to drop in algorithms that connect with existing imaging software.

What ultimately necessary, according to Powell, is for stakeholders to collaborate in proving out the clinical value of algorithms, building the technological capabilities to use them and figuring out the delivery system to get the technology into the clinical space.

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