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Chongzhi Zang Lab

His research focuses on algorithm development for high-throughput genomic data analytics and integrative modeling of gene regulatory networks in mammalian cell systems.

She is working on integration of publicly available transcription factor ChIP-seq data for studying functional gene regulation, and integration of RNA-seq data with ChIP-seq data for studying mechanisms of fusion transcripts in cancer.

He is working on developing computatinoal methodology of integrating high-throughput chromatin accessibility data for studying functional gene regulation.

Interested in applying statistical skills in biomedical research, he looks forward to learning more about bioinformatics.

In his spare time, he enjoys music, football, movies, literature, politics, and all the other things that make life fascinating.

He received his bachelor's degree in statistics from UVA in May 2018, and he is continuing his education here to learn data analysis and statistical methods in depth.

He is passionate about exploring new fields, including finance, law, and bioinformatics, and is eager to get more hands-on data analysis experience.

During his leisure time, he enjoys playing piano, listening to classical and jazz music, working out, and reading books.

He used to involve in a research project with big data mining, and now he is working on integrative analysis of RNA-seq data and ChIP-seq data in cancer.

He has involved in research projects on cancer biomarkers, and presently he focuses his studies on bioinformatics and integrative computational research in the human genome in cell line models and cancer systems.

Inspired by some books related to the Gene, she decided to develop a career combining her programming skills with biology.

During her spare time, she likes going to the gym, cooking food, playing table tennis and the violin.

As a research volunteer in the lab, Yayi is interested in learning more about how computational methods can be used to study human genomics and the effect of these findings on the medical field.

As a lab researcher John is very excited to help analyze data, especially since he sees himself working either as a physician or somewhere else in the public health sector after graduating.

Stephany is an undergraduate student double majoring in biology and statistics and a possible minor in bioethics in Class of 2020.

Jeffrey Yoo is a computer science major (and a potential mathematics major) interested in machine learning and AI in Class of 2020.

As a student researcher, he is interested in learning how to develop computational methodologies to solve problems in other fields.

In the previous semesters, she has learned how to offer advice for commercial companies and has done a project about the racial disparity in the foster care system of Charlottesville.

She hopes this experience can help her become a more efficient researcher and boost her research ability to a new level.

She is the secretary of the UVA Taekwondo Club and holds a third degree black belt, and also enjoys creating videos, listening to EDM and Kpop, and watching Friends.

She is interested in software/web development and learning how to develop computational methods to solve problems in other fields.

As a student researcher, he is excited to help develop and optimize software for human genomics and see them applied to the medical field.

He looks forward to learning how to apply statistical, coding, and other skills from the classroom in actual research.

The Zang lab is recruiting motivated students and scholars to work on various topics in computational biology in a collaborative research team.

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