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Banreservas awarded four accolades in the 2019 World Finance Banking Awards

The Dominican Republic’s financial sector has developed swiftly in recent years.

Following the downward spiral of the country’s financial crisis in 2003, the government and the central bank have worked meticulously to both reform the banking industry and stabilise the economy.

The group’s outstanding work across a number of banking segments has earned it three additional awards: Best Commercial Bank, Best Retail Bank and Best Investment Bank in the Dominican Republic for 2019.

By undertaking the most comprehensive technological advances of any bank in the country’s history, Banreservas has ensured that it will meet the challenges of a digitising world head-on. World News Media is a leading publisher of quality financial and business magazines, which enjoys a global distribution network that includes subscriber lists of prominent decision-makers around the world.

This bot could ruin online poker

One of the world’s best poker players doesn’t have a poker face.

Pluribus, an AI program, has demonstrated it can beat human pros in six-player, no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em, the most popular variant of online poker, according to its creators, researchers from Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University.

That’s similar to the method used to create OpenAI Five, a program that trained for the equivalent of 45,000 years and defeated a professional e-sports team in the video game Dota 2.

However, chess—while challenging—provides players with perfect information (i.e., the location of pieces is always known) and two-player poker, even with hidden information, is nowhere near as intricate as a six-player setup.

“If each chip was worth a dollar, Pluribus would have won an average of about $5 per hand and would have made about $1,000/hour playing against five human players,” wrote Brown.

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