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13 Mind-Blowing Things Artificial Intelligence Can Already Do Today

By now, most of us are aware of artificial intelligence (AI) being an increasingly present part of our everyday lives.

Whether it's news articles, weblinks, books, emails, legal documents, audio and image files, and more, automatic text summarization by artificial intelligence and machine learning reads communication and reports back the essential information.

There are so many amazing ways machine vision is used today, including enabling self-driving cars, facial recognition for police work, payment portals, and more.

Hear and understand Did you know artificial intelligence is able to detect gunshots, analyze the sound, and then alert relevant agencies?

And who can refute the helpfulness of digital voice assistants to respond to your queries whether you want a weather report or your day's agenda?

While it’s helpful (and fun) to have Alexa and Google Maps respond to your queries and give you directions, Google Duplex takes it one step further and uses AI to schedule appointments and complete tasks over the phone in very conversational language.

6.Smell There are artificial intelligence researchers who are currently developing AI models that will be able to detect illnesses—just by smelling a human's breath.

It can detect chemicals called aldehydes that are associated with human illnesses and stress, including cancer, diabetes, brain injuries, and detecting the 'woody, musky odor' emitted from Parkinson's disease even before any other symptoms are identified.

Artificial emotional intelligence can gather data from a person's facial expressions, body language, and more, analyze it against an emotion database to determine what emotion is likely being expressed, and then determine an action based on that info.

Create Artificial intelligence can even master creative processes, including making visual art, writing poetry, composing music, and taking photographs.

Artificial Intelligence Is Too Important to Leave to Google and Facebook Alone

Our proposal has three components: The first is a public data pool that would make data accessible to registered users.

Users would be verified to block foreign governments, hackers and others with ill motives from access, and users would be prevented from using the data to engage in racial or other forms of discrimination and for microtargeted advertising.

But big tech companies, like all companies, have an incentive to fund research that will support their bottom line, and the profit motive doesn’t always mean a focus on the most important problems.

A sizable increase in research funding for companies, governments and nonprofits developing public-interest technologies would help expand the types of research taking place and give scientists and engineers the option to do groundbreaking work on a broader range of problems.

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