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7 Days of Artificial Intelligence

A short film on the intelligence explosion. This video has been nominated for a Webby Award! If you enjoyed it, feel free to cast your vote ...

Destroying America: Artificial Intelligence coming to Foster Care System.

EXPLOSIVE!!!! We have set up a system that you thought was real to destroy our families and the children of America. From unjust reasons to bring them out of ...

Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if Machines Become Conscious?

What shall we do once machines become conscious? Do we need to grant them rights? Check out Wisecrack and their video: 'The ..

Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI

Discover how AI is currently impacting the healthcare industry and the benefits AI can provide to physicians and patients going forward.

5G: A.I. Will read your DNA

They arent hiding it, they arent even sugar coating it. They realize nobody is listening to the never ending tech gurus warning about it. "IT WILL BE OUT OF ...

The long-term future of AI(and what we can do about it): Daniel Dewey at TEDxVienna

Daniel Dewey is a research fellow in the Oxford Martin Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology at the Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford.

Artificial Intelligence | #7 | Random Questions

Hope you guys enjoyed another unplanned episode of AI. More Youth Club tomorrow morning if I get time. Ben's Channel ...

The World In 2050 [The Real Future Of Earth] – Full BBC Documentary 2018

The World In 2050 [The Real Future Of Earth] – Full BBC Documentary 2018 Buy Billionaire Peter Thiel's Zero to One Book here

Nick Bostrom: "Superintelligence" | Talks at Google

Superintelligence asks the questions: What happens when machines surpass humans in general intelligence? Will artificial agents save or destroy us?

Human Extinction

Some ideas about our end. Twitter: Instagram: MORE LINKS BELOW! related Vsauce .