AI News, Expanding an innovation ecosystem: Princeton leads the way in 2018 artificial intelligence

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AI Weekly: Despite fears of job-stealing robots, AI did a lot of good this year

There’s value in this.” Then there’s the encouraging work emerging from programs like Microsoft and National Geographic’s AI for Earth Innovation Grant, which seeks to invest tens of millions of dollars over the next four years to bolster AI development across five key areas — agriculture, biodiversity, conservation, climate change, and water.

This year’s winners include faculty director of Stanford’s Natural Capital Project Gretchen Daily, who’s working on a way of measuring the impact of dams and reservoirs around the world, and Solomon Hsiang, associate professor of public policy at the University of California, Berkeley, who will use 1.6 million historical aerial photographs to identify the effect of droughts and climate change on human migration in Africa.

“There’s so little we know about the natural world, [and] the technology sector has the potential to accelerate the next phase of Earth exploration … I wake up incredibly enthusiastic about how much there is left to be discovered.” Need more examples of AI’s potential for positive impact?

And earlier this month Xprize, a nonprofit organization that aims to spark projects that “solve societal grand challenges,” provided an update on its four-year effort to develop scalable AI technologies that address some of the world’s most difficult problems.

In a bonus milestone round timed to coincide with the NeurIPS conference in Montreal, Aifred Health, a Montreal startup developing a system that uses data about mental health to help clinicians choose personalized patient treatment programs, took home first place and $35,000.

Separately, the search giant detailed its work to predict impending severe floods by setting AI models loose on historical weather data, as well as its dogged pursuit of models that can predict the location of aftershocks up to one year after a major earthquake.

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