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Artificial Intelligence - The Future of Transportation?

Pradeep Chandrahasshenoy – Automotive Solutions Architect, NVIDIA explores the applications of AI in advanced driving assistance systems and autonomous ...

Artificial intelligence live examples

A live example of Artificial intelligence from university of EDB.

Transportation - Traffic Monitoring in a section (AI)

Advantech's product offerings is tailored also for Road Surveillance application. With the trend of urbanization, the numbers of vehicles on the road are ...

Google I/O 2018: Sundar Pichai on the application of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

Google I/O 2018 All Sessions Playlist → Music by Terra Monk →

Transportation - Traffic Counting - by Deep Learning (AI)

Advantech's deep learning solution (AI) library accelerates development in server training by deploying deep learning models that for example count and ...

Applications of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been used in a wide range of fields including medical diagnosis, stock trading, robot control, law, remote sensing, scientific discovery ...

Transportation - Traffic Management with AI from Advantech

During the Intertraffic 2018 event, that took place in Amsterdam in March we have shown Advantech proposal for Traffic Management with Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery - John Overington - Deep Learning Summit #reworkDL

This presentation took place at the Deep Learning Summit in London on 24-25 Sept 2015: #reworkDL ..

Wind energy systems: application of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: How ‘New Thinking’ is Changing The World

Join our free webinar: 25th September 2017 1pm - 1.45pm Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have a profound impact on our society over the next ..