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Chimbot the chimp - - a talkative artificially intelligent chimpanzee - rainforest tree, dark starry night - sense or dreaming

His visually displayed reactions and emotions blend and vary in surprisingly complex ways, and a range of voices are delivered to your browser, along with lip synching information, to bring the avatar to life!

Along with the continued development of our avatars, we are also investigating machine learning and deep learning techniques, and working on the creation of a short term memory for our bots.

any personal information that is exchanged will be remembered by the bot and recalled in the correct context at the appropriate time.

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Founders of, an AI scheduling assistant, talk about artificial intelligence technology and how it can benefit small business.  According to a study published in 2017 by the Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management Review, 61% of the organisations interviewed saw developing an AI strategy as urgent – and about 70% believed that AI will remove the mundane tasks from their jobs, leaving more time for the most challenging and rewarding work.

“Planning out the different meeting timings with people who worked in different time zones was really time-consuming and it took our attention away from more important and pressing tasks.” So the engineer with an interest in AI thought of a solution.

Since then, the company boasts over 3,000 users across 48 countries in different industries including tech startups, venture capitalist firms, as well as consulting and recruiting companies.

Evie will check against your calendar for available timings, pick a time, and takes care of the back and forth in arranging a suitable meeting time.

Human resources If you’re looking to hire, a lot of time is often spent going back and forth with interview candidates about the time of the meeting and then creating and sending out invites.

If you have 20 resumes of candidates you want to follow up with, simply send an initial email to each of these candidates, and Evie takes care of the rest and leaves you to focus on higher-level tasks.

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