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Budapest Artificial Intelligence Meetup

is an observable shortage of data science competencies in enterprises globally hence there is a trend that more and more people are becoming data aware, performing advanced analytics, and getting started with data science regardless their field. We

Now we are looking forward extending this to business experts (business analysts, data analysts, subject matter experts) to help to develop their data science competencies and enable them to become a citizen data scientist in their companies. To

Business analysts or field experts can prototype predictive models on their data to decide whether there are models worth applying and to be further enhanced by the data science team. The

rest of the RapidMiner platform provides visual processes designer, collaboration, deployment solutions, and guided flows for data preparation and modeling for productivity gain in data science work. *

deep learning brought improvements in a lot of areas of computer science, generating realistic data samples is a challenging task that really requires the high representational capability of deep neural networks.

Artificial Intelligence Seminar - Las Vegas

Al Naqvi is a professor and researcher whose expertise is in applied artificial intelligence in business, including machine learning training from Stanford.

academics, Naqvi has developed several courses and certification programs dealing with AI in diverse settings, plus a technology-centric course for college students and high school students covering autonomous agents, robotics, computer vision, and more.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Events

Today there is a lot of talk in the event industry about Artificial Intelligence. Find out why you should care and what you should consider when evaluating AI for ...

Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence and Live Events

Speaker session from IMEX America 2017 given by DoubleDutch CSO and Co-Founder Lawrence Coburn.

Deloitte Artificial Intelligence Event 2018

On Thursday 24th of May all of Deloitte came together to get inspired by Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts, to make real contact with AI and to get an even better ...

5 CREEPIEST Events Artificial Intelligence Robots Have Created and Done...


Scary Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough!!

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Anonymous - Shocking Footage.. How Can Anyone Ignore This! (2017-2018)

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Signs of Something Biblical! (2018-2019 EVENTS)

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New Google AI Can Have Real Life Conversations With Strangers

At its 2018 I/O developer conference, Google showed off some updates coming to Google Home and Assistant. One feature — Google Duplex — can make ...

Anonymous - Everyone Must Know This Before it is Deleted! (2018-2019)

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The Ethics and Governance of AI opening event, February 3, 2018

Chapter 1: 0:04 - Joi Ito Chapter 2: 1:03:27 - Jonathan Zittrain Chapter 3: 2:32:59 - Panel 1: Joi Ito moderates a panel with Pratik Shah, Karthik Dinakar, and ...