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What are the difference between the human mind and computer intelligence?

The philosophy of artificial intelligence asks a variety of questions.

Join Professor Todd Moody of St. Joseph’s University for a discussion on the challenges facing humans living in the computer age.

This program is free and open to the public.

No registration is required yet seating is limited.

Any questions, please call Alex in the Science and Wellness Department: 215-686-5394

Strata Data & AI San Jose is postponed

Instead, we’re merging it with our larger Strata Data & AI in New York event taking place September 14–17, 2020, and transferring San Jose attendee registrations and sponsorships to join us there at no additional cost.

We’ve been working to keep the San Jose event moving forward over the course of the last few weeks because we’re excited about convening the data science and AI communities in such a unique new way.

To keep your palate sharp until then, we’ll be doing a live stream of some of our top sessions and interactive training courses through O’Reilly online learning—and our conference registrants get 90 days of unlimited access for free.


are piloting this global initiative in Los Angeles, by working closely with the city and county to identify problems, stakeholders, and data sets to design “data challenges” that will benefit Los Angeles, with the potential for global impact. Our

'data challenges' will be similar to a hackathon, but with an emphasis on large and diverse data sets ('big data') and the use of AI / machine learning techniques to solve problems that have previously been intractable using traditional analysis methods. If

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Events

Today there is a lot of talk in the event industry about Artificial Intelligence. Find out why you should care and what you should consider when evaluating AI for ...

Deloitte Artificial Intelligence Event 2018

On Thursday 24th of May all of Deloitte came together to get inspired by Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts, to make real contact with AI and to get an even better ...

ITWeb Events: Artificial Intelligence 2018

Held at The Forum, this event assisted delegates in determining how they are able to implement and adopt AI in order to remain competitive and survive amidst ...

The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Ethics, Policy and Regulation [UCL event - 03.10.2019]

Event at UCL on 3 October 2019 Focusing on the ethical, policy and regulatory questions linked with AI, this event discussed: What are the most serious ethical ...

Bruegel event: Artificial intelligence: challenges and opportunities - 23 March 2017

The important technological advancements in computer science and information systems move us towards the artificial intelligence era with the creation of ...

Carl-Henrik Hallström (Wipro) on Artificial Intelligence, 5G Technology, and Management Events

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Diversity meets Artificial Intelligence - After Work Event

2019 Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Symposium

Artificial intelligence will be the most consequential technology of the 21st century—augmenting human capabilities, transforming industries and economies, and ...

Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence and Live Events

Speaker session from IMEX America 2017 given by DoubleDutch CSO and Co-Founder Lawrence Coburn.

Artificial intelligence and intelligent robots | DW Documentary

Artificial intelligence and intelligent robots already exist. But what decisions can technology make on our behalf? How far can it go? AI is still in its infancy.