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Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence: Where are they taking us?

registration 13:30 – 14:15 “A new earth – How Blockchain and AI are changing laws, regulations and the legal system” – Aviya Arika 14:20 – 15:30 The DECENTRALIZED Forum – A panel of academics and practitioners discussing the impact and future of Blockchain – Led by Soulla Louca.

Panelists: Aviya Arika, Godfrey Baldacchino, Joseph Anthony Debono, Gordon Pace, David Galea, Philip Maurice Mifsud 15:30 – 16:00 Networking Coffee break 16:00 – 16:45 “How Fintech transformed business” – Philip Maurice Mifsud Separate registration 18:15 – 19:15 Free Public Lecture (separate registration) on the basics and potential future implications of Blockchain – Soulla Louca FRIDAY 11TH OCTOBER 2019 08:15 – 09:00 Welcome breakfast &

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2019 Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Symposium

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Artificial Intelligence | Annual Meeting 2018 [Scientist Community] International Conference on Artificial Intelligence is going to be conducted during September ...

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