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Vectra combines data science, machine learning and behavioral analysis to create the first AI-based cybersecurity platform that thinks and is as easy to use as an iPhone.We're the best company in the world to use AI to transform cybersecurity.

2019 Events

ML engineers, data scientists, and tech managers for drinks* and networking at the AI DevWorld 2019 headquarters for the premiere AI Dev party of the year!

AI / ML technologies and best practices are becoming essential knowledge for any cutting-edge tech company.

What is Digital Slavery? 5G Enabled IoT and AI

Source: Technocracy News & Trends for Tuesday, August 27, 2019 The Technocrat's lust for 5G and Internet of ..

Robot Paints Two-Story Mural In Downtown San Jose

A robot has painted a two-story tall mural on the side of a building in downtown San Jose. Kiet Do reports. (5/8/18)

Shaun Moore, | When IoT Met AI 2017

Shaun Moore, CEO and Founder,, sits down with Jeff Frick at When IoT Met AI 2017 in San Jose, CA.

See IoT in Action with Microsoft Across the World 2018

Watch some of the key moments from Microsoft's IoT in Action events. Attended by thousands in 8 cities across North America, Asia, and Europe, these events ...

What's New and Next? | Jure Leskovec

DETAILS: What's New and Next? - In a session at the State of the Valley conference on how fast-moving changes in technology are impacting our region, two of ...

A Recap of the 2019 State of the Valley Conference

DETAILS: Hosted by Joint Venture Silicon Valley, the conference took place at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, on Friday, February 15, 2019. ABOUT ...

IoT in Action event highlights | Santa Clara

Register for a free IoT in Action event in a city near you: Watch the key highlights and takeaways from the recent IoT in Action event in ..

Ahmed Banafa: Blockchain, AI and IOT | Talks at LBL @ UCL

Ahmed Banafa: Blockchain, AI and IOT | Talks at LBL @ UCL - Tuesday 6th March 2018 LBL was proud to have hosted Ahmed Banafa via video link from San ...

Artificial intelligence in air cargo industry - panel discussion at Air Cargo Europe in Munich

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to transform air cargo and take it to the next level through improved planning, prediction, and personalisation. Is AI really ...

Anchor Intelligence Traffic Quality Scoring at SES San Jose

Anchor Intelligence provides real-time traffic scoring solutions to its customers for online ppc advertisers, online publishers, and online ad and search networks.