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The data covered 1,500 online firms (including 128 of the top 1,000 global sites) and included both content sites that make money through page views and e-commerce sites that make money through purchases.

It might make people change their web habits: maybe constant pop-ups asking for permission to share data makes people worry about privacy and stop buying online.

It could also reduce the amount of analytics data that businesses use to make decisions.  The big caveat: That 10% revenue drop looks dramatic, but the actual number is probably lower.

This new paper gives us a glimpse into the fates of web businesses more broadly, while another working paper suggests that the legislation has led to less venture capital investment in technology firms. 

Venezuela Sets New Bitcoin Volume Record Thanks to 10,000,000% Inflation

Venezuelans traded more bolivars for Bitcoin (BTC) than ever before last week, but the statistics say more about fiat than cryptocurrency.

During that period, users on LocalBitcoins alone generated volumes of over 57 billion bolivars, beating the previous all-time high of 49 billion, which appeared in the previous week.

Weekly LocalBitcoins Volume (Venezuelan Bolivar) Courtesy of As Cointelegraph reported, Venezuela’s currency continues to suffer from runaway inflation, which estimates claim has reached 10,000,000%, leading citizens to resort to alternative means of storing value.

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