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National Science Week - Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (Canberra)

As the impact of AI increases on society it is important for people to be informed about the critical ethical decisions involved when creating applications using AI.

AICN have brought together world-class experts in AI, law, policy and ethics for thought-provoking presentations and a moderated panel session, live-streamed to the AI community across Australia, this is an event not to be missed!

Panel 8:15pm-9pm Networking Full speaker lineup: Code of Conduct #AICollaborative events create opportunities for you to meet, network and make friends with people who have an interest in AI and other emerging technology.

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence – Adelaide

The Artificial Intelligence Collaborative Network (AICN) will host an entertaining evening which will inform and educate people about the emerging debates in the field of the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As the impact of AI increases on society it is important for people to be informed about the critical ethical decisions involved when creating applications using AI.

AICN will bring together world-class experts in AI, technology, law, policy and ethics for thought-provoking presentations and a moderated panel session.

Integrating Ethical Values and Economic Value to Steer Progress in Artificial Intelligence

One crucial area are the effects of AI and related forms of automation on labor markets, which may lead to substantial increases in inequality unless mitigating policy actions are taken or progress is actively steered in a direction that complements human labor.

Additional areas of conflict arise when AI systems optimize narrow market value but disregard broader ethical values and thus impose externalities on society, for example when AI systems engage in bias and discrimination, hack the human brain, and increasingly reduce human autonomy.

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers or the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior.

Whether discussing smart assistants like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, applications for better customer service or the ability to utilize big data insights to streamline and enhance operations, AI is quickly becoming an essential tool of modern life and business.

In fact, according to statistics from Adobe, only 15 percent of enterprises are using AI as of today, but 31 percent are expected to add it over the coming 12 months, and the share of jobs requiring AI has increased by 450 percent since 2013.

Leveraging clues from their environment, artificially intelligent systems are programmed by humans to solve problems, assess risks, make predictions and take actions based on input data.

Unfortunately, the possibility of creating machines that can think raises myriad ethical issues. From pre-existing biases used to train AI to social manipulation via newsfeed algorithms and privacy invasions via facial recognition, ethical issues are cropping up as AI continues to expand in importance and utilization.

According to a 2017 blog post, Amazon’s facial recognition system, Rekognition, uses a confidence threshold set to 85 percent and upped that recommendation to a 99 percent confidence threshold not long after, but studies from the ACLU and MIT revealed that Rekognition had significantly higher error rates in determining demographic traits of certain members of the population than purported by Amazon.

In order to address privacy concerns, the U.S. Senate is reviewing the Commercial Facial Recognition Privacy Act, which seeks to implement legal changes that require companies to inform users before facial recognition data is acquired.

This is in addition to the Biometric Information Privacy Act of Illinois, which is not specifically targeted at facial recognition but requires organizations to obtain consent to acquire biometric information, and that consent cannot be by default, it has to be given as a result of affirmative action.

By displaying information and preferences that a buyer would prefer to keep secret, while more personalized and connected to an individual’s identity, this application of AI technology could evoke sentiments surrounding privacy invasion.

Thinking back to the advent of Google’s advertising business model and then the launch of Amazon’s product recommendation engine and Netflix’s ubiquitous “suggested for you” algorithm, consumers face a dizzying number of targeted offers.

Consequently, we — as technology developers and manufacturers, marketers and people in the tech space — have a social and ethical responsibility to be open to scrutiny and consider the ethics of artificial intelligence, working to hinder the misuse and potential negative effects of these new AI technologies.

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