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MetaScan3: Emerging Technologies,Policy Horizons Canada, 2013, Robots are so much smarter than they used to be [Financial Post, 2014], How Ontario put the future of operating-room robots in question[The Globe and Mail, 2017], Integrating Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and 3D Printing Technologies into Canada�s Healthcare Systems; The rise of the robots?[BBC, 2016], Ethically Aligned Design: A Vision for Prioritizing Human Wellbeing with Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems [IEEE, 2016], Automation Across the Nation: Understanding the potential impacts of technological trends across Canada [DATA INSIGHTS, Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship, June 2017], Robots roam Mount Etna volcano as part of lunar testing ground, AI vs Doctors [IEEE Spectrum, 2017]

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================================================================================================================================================================== Courses Taught in Previous Years �������� ITI 1100Digital Systems -------------- ELG 5386 - Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems (Fall 2018)

derivative-based optimization - genetic algorithms, simulated annealing, downhill simplex search.

Links of interest: Fuzzy Logic Control (slides, notes,� paper1, paper 2, paper3, paper4), Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm-Based Tuning of Fuzzy Control Systems with Reduced Parametric Sensitivity, (10.1109/TIE.2016.2607698), Computers &

Albus � Computational Theory of Mind, A New Approach to Manipulator Control: The Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller (CMAC), Can We Copy the Brain, IEEE Spectrum � Special Report, 2017, Neural Networks-Basics (slides), Applications of Random-Pulse Machine Concept to NN Design (paper), Intel Starts R&D Effort in Probabilistic Computing for AI,� Intel�s �Loihi� chip, 'Human Brain' Supercomputer Switched On to Unlock Secrets of the Mind, Neural Networks-Modelling Applications (slides),� NN Models of 3D Objects (paper),

Links of interest: Robotics[Wikipedia], Outline of Robotics [Wikipedia], Robotics Trends, IEEE Spectrum, BioIn Robotics Lab at uOttawa,� Smarter Robots: Implications for the workplace of the futureIntelligent Robotic Systems,� Robot Sensors, Homogeneous Transformation Matrices, Robot Kinematics [Wikipedia], Kinematics -Manipulator Motion, Accuracy of the kinematic model, Kinematic Model of Robot Arm, Introduction to Robot Kinematics, Robot Control, ROS -RobotSoftware Development, The Origin Story of ROS, the Linux of Robotics, Position Recovery,� Force-Position Control, Compliance, Haptic Sensors, Touch Sensing for Humanoid Robots, (10.1109/MIM.2015.7271221), XYZ RGB, Machine Vision, Object recognition using pseudo-random color encoded structured light, Pattern Recognition, Vision-Based Robotic Sensing and Control, Syntactic Pattern Recognition, Visual position recovery for an automated guided vehicle, Multisensor Data Fusion,� Mission-Driven Robotic Intelligent Sensor Agents, Fukushima disaster: The robots going where no human can,� Robotic Telemanipulation, Why Human-Controlled, Force-Multiplying Robots Are the Future of Work on Earth, Baxter's Homunculus: Virtual Reality Spaces for Teleoperation in Manufacturing, Watch Six of the Coolest Surgical Robots in Action, FDA-approved robot assistant gives surgeons force feedback, Hadfield behind the controls of Canadarm2, Human-Instrument Symbiotic Partnership for Multimodal Environment Perception (paper, slides), Resource Management of a Multi-Robot Assembly Cell, Biology Inspired Robots,� Human Emotion and Cognition Recognition from Body Language of the Head, Helping robots understand body language, �Musculoskeletal Robots -Scalability in Neural Control,� Hierarchical Animation Control of Avatars in 3D Virtual Environments, MathWorks� Robotics, MathWorks� Robootics Systems Toolbox,

CXI - Council on Extended Intelligence | IEEE SA MIT Media Lab

Greg Adamson – Associate Professor, University of Melbourne Micah Altman – Director of Research, MIT Libraries.

Investor, Exponential View Chelsea Barabas – MIT Media Lab, Research Scientist Karen Bartleson – IEEE President 2017 Chris Bavitz – Harvard Law School, WilmerHale Clinical Professor of Law Sophia Adams Bhatti – The Law Society, Director of Legal and Regulatory Policy, UK Ryan Budish – Harvard University, Assistant Research Director, Berkman Klein Center for Internet &

Operations at the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics Anne Carblanc – Head of OECD Division on Digital Economy Policy Vint Cerf – Google, Internet Pioneer (VP) Raja Chatila – Professor, Sorbonne Université – Paris & Chair, The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems Kade Crockford – American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, Director, Technology for Liberty Program Paul R.

Hidalgo – MIT Media Lab, Director, Collective Learning Group Cyrus Hodes – Advisor to the Minister of Artificial Intelligence (UAE) and co-founder AI Initiative @ The Future Society Joichi Ito Eva Kaili – European Parliament, Member of the European Parliament, Head of the Hellenic Delegation for the Progressive Alliance of S&D, Chair Scientific Foresight Unit STOA, Chair EU-NATO Delegation Konstantinos Karachalios – Managing Director, IEEE Standards Association Anja Kaspersen – Director, Intrapreneur, Storyteller, Techplomat Ibram X.

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This session was given at the DotNet Day conference in Zurich on May 28th, 2019. *Part 1: Introduction* Here Laurent introduces the topic of Ethics in AI by ...