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11 Best apps to blur photo background (Android & iOS)

Modern phones are equipped with good cameras that take great pictures.

This can be achieved by using the best apps to blur the photo background, which is collected in this list.

You can choose the appropriate level of photo blur and share photos with friends.

Using this application is very easy: Create amazing photos, just like on a professional camera with this app.

This free app will help you create a professional photo with your phone’s camera.

With a brush, you can trace the desired object that you want to leave unchanged, and the rest of the area will be blurred.

The entire scale of the effect is adjustable in 4 steps from 0 to 100%.

Choose a photo, mark the area of the photo that you want to make clearer or block.

You can now select the focus area of the photo and adjust the intensity and type of “blurring”.

Selfie Photo Editor will be a very useful app if you want to take a photo with a bokeh effect or just want to experiment with focusing.

It can also import portrait images already taken and edit the background.

You can also add a virtual lamp in 3D space to create directional lighting.

The application Blur Photo- Blur Background for Depth Effect allows you to access 3D image data and apply depth-based filters.

The program also allows you to change the weather on the photo in whole or in part.

For example, to make even the rainy day bright and sunny, or, conversely, to turn a normal photo into a mist-filled one.

You don’t need professional shooting experience to adjust the various settings.

With this free app, you can quickly and efficiently blur the background in any photo.

Before you start working with the app, you need to select the desired picture as a background.

If the selected background is square in size, the main photo should also be cropped.

If you have climbed over the edges of the outline, simply set the Double Exposure value to 0 and add a part of the subject.

Change the aspect ratio of the photo, use a grid, or start the countdown timer.

The app DSLR Blur Photo can even shift the focus point in an already completed photo.

To get the desired effect, this application provides a special tool –

To set the shape and focus rotation, adjust it by pressing two fingers with the reduction or dilution.

This is true for any actions you take when editing photos in your mobile application.

With the pileup or down the screen, the following settings are selected: Besides, there is a special button on the menu.

Blur Photo Editor app can simulate the use of one of the popular classic lenses or select a standard portrait mode bokeh.

Turn your regular photos into professional photos with the background blurring feature.

For example, motion blur, soft glow, structure, black background, and background image.

The program will give you the opportunity to change the weather on the photo entirely.

With the help of this app, you can diversify your portrait photos and expand the scope for creativity.

After processing the photo, you can share the best images with your friends directly from the app.

It supports a variety of shooting modes, can shoot video in high resolution and slow motion.

You can adjust the focus, white balance, exposure and shutter speed yourself.

With the Blur Photo Editor app, you can take a portrait photo or select a photo from the gallery immediately after opening it.

When you press the Start button, the app searches for the face of the person in the image and blurs the background.

The brush and eraser settings for photo blur correct the area of the object and background.

Here you can choose the shape of the bokeh (circle, heart, star, etc.) and the blurring power.

It can increase blur extremely and reduce the effect of small faces in the photo.

How to take a photo with a blurry background: The app Blur Photo Editor is also good because there you can not only blur the background in the photo.

For example, hearts, stars, flowers, bubbles, kittens, salutes, doughnuts, abstraction and much more.

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