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Geek+ unveils CARE strategy during first Global Smart Logistics Summit

NANJING, China, Oct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Geek+, a global leader in advanced robotics and AI technologies announced today the launch of its three year "CARE"

The announcement was made during the Company's inaugural Global Smart Logistics Summit in Nanjing, gathering nearly 400 global clients and technology partners across a wide range of industries to discuss key issues and technology trends impacting the global supply chain.

In his keynote speech, Yong Zheng, founder and CEO at Geek+ said: "Our vision is to become a global AI robotics leader, to build a smart infrastructure and service network based on robotics technology and strategic partnerships, integrating more and more technology and industrial partners to help customers achieve a digital, agile and intelligent supply chain.

To realize this vision, we will steer our growth in four dimensions: customer focus, technology innovation based on AI R&D, business innovation through Robot as a service business model and industry integration with a supply chain ecosystem.

Geek+ will further strengthen industry know-how by leveraging its technological advantages, while accumulating operational experience and building a global service capability to create real, comprehensive business and social value for customers.

Under CARE, Geek+ will further expand its robot service network to help customers build reliable and efficient warehousing logistics capabilities in a very short time, respond quickly to market demand and seize business opportunities.

(ii) Industrial Ecosystem: Geek+ partners with logistics real estate developers, 3PL companies, express delivery and transportation companies, manufacturers, retailers and brands to open up upstream and downstream, promote synergies and accelerate the overall transformation of the supply chain.

As the logistics technology leader in the supply chain ecosystem, Geek+ will drive the ecosystem to create a new generation of digital, agile and intelligent supply chain for customers through technology and the concept of smart logistics.

The Geek+ Cloud Brain is a cloud-based application platform as a Service (aPaaS) system which allows customers to easily reconfigure their solutions and deploy them through the cloud, freely dispatching robots and various devices in a highly flexible and intelligent system.

Our R&D team brings together the brightest robotics, computer science and AI engineers with industrial engineers that have deep understanding and proven experience in supply chain management, enabling us to offer truly comprehensive intelligent logistics solutions to our customers.

High-Performing AI Solutions to Transform our Digital World – Arm

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of machines to perform cognitive functions, such as learning and problem solving.

Through its powerful AI technology and a solutions-based approach that includes IP, software, and tools, Arm is bringing AI and its subset, machine learning (ML), and Arm's scalable ML-optimized technology, to the network edge, endpoint devices, and applications everywhere.