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These 27 Expert Predictions About Artificial Intelligence Will Both Disturb and Excite You

'We will need new hybrid-skilled knowledge workers who can operate in jobs that have never needed to exist before.

matures, we will need a responsive workforce, capable of adapting to new processes, systems, and tools every few years.

The need for these fields will arise faster than our labor departments, schools, and universities are acknowledging.

Pew study: Artificial intelligence will mostly make us better off by 2030 but fears remain

But a third think otherwise, and a majority of the the experts expressed at least some concern over the long-term impact of AI on the “essential elements of being human.” Among those concerns were data abuse, loss of jobs, loss of control as decision-making in digital systems is ceded to 'black box' tools that take data in and spit answers out, an erosion in our ability to think for ourselves, and yes, the mayhem brought on by autonomous weapons, cybercrime, lies and propaganda.

Janna Anderson, director of Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center, added that some respondents thought we’d be OK through 2030, “but I’m not sure after that.”  Andre McLaughlin at Yale, who had been deputy chief technology officer in the Obama Administration and a global public policy lead at Google, said that “My sense is that innovations like the internet and networked AI have massive short-term benefits, along with long-term negatives that can take decades to be recognizable.

It is not benign if not controlled.” Yet another anonymous respondent offered a different concern: “Knowing humanity, I assume particularly wealthy white males will be better off, while the rest of humanity will suffer from it.” Ben Shneiderman, founder of the Human Computer Interaction Center at the University of Maryland, offers a very bullish take: “Automation is largely a positive force, which increases productivity, lowers costs and raises living standards.

My position is contrary to those who believe that robots and artificial intelligence will lead to widespread unemployment.” And Wendy Hall, a professor of computer science at the University of Southampton and executive director of the Web Science Institute said, “It is a leap of faith to think that by 2030 we will have learnt to build AI in a responsible way and we will have learnt how to regulate the AI and robotics industries in a way that is good for humanity.


That was six years after renown American software engineer Grady Booch estimated that more than one trillion lines of code had already been written, with a further 30 billion lines added each year.

This library can be used to train computers to identify patterns in software, just as advanced web services, such as Google Photos or Google Translate, process millions of samples to learn to identify particular images or phrases.In a project funded by the ERC, Vechev and his team are harnessing Big Code.

“We are building an AI system that can learn from lots of data showing how existing programmers and developers write code and how they fix code.” To do this, the computer also has to estimate how good a particular piece of code might be.

Vechev says his ERC-funded project takes advantage of a confluence of three factors: the growing body of Big Code, the evolution of machine learning algorithms and recent progress in automated reasoning engines – software a computer uses to think its way through a problem.

“Within the timeframe of this project, we think this is achievable for small low-level tasks, such as a search for a graph, sorting a set of numbers in a very efficient way or writing a program that manipulates pictures, modifying or cropping an image and saving the result,” Vechev notes.

“If the system could beat an expert human in a programing competition, that would be success,” he says.From there, managers might be able to give instructions to computers and robots, just as they do to other human beings, rather than meticulously writing precise code.

DARPA head on AI dangers: ‘It’s not one of those things that keeps me up at night’

Artificial intelligence remains predictable and will have to become far more sophisticated before it poses a serious threat to humans, according to the head of the Defense Advanced Research Agency.

Google employees accused the military of harnessing AI to kill with greater efficiency, but military leaders claimed the technology would be used to keep military personnel away from unnecessary danger, ultimately saving lives.

Adding to the consternation surrounding AI are big-name technologists such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates, who have argued — alongside British inventor Clive Sinclair and the late theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking — that humanity is wandering into dangerous territory in its seemingly blind pursuit of AI.

Musk has compared AI to “an immortal dictator” and “the devil,” and Hawking said it “could spell the end of the human race.” [Inside the futuristic restaurant where a robot has replaced the bartender] In his remarks Thursday, Walker struck a calming tone, arguing that DARPA researchers have found their machines perform “pretty badly” when they’re instructed to reason with flexibility, thinking outside the information from large data sets with which they’ve been trained.

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