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Musk: 'AI is far more dangerous than nukes,' needs regulation

Speaking to panel moderator Jonathan Nolan, co-creator of HBO's Westworld, Musk said AI 'scares the hell out of me,' and even though he typically isn't big on regulation, he believes that AI is something where stronger regulation is called for.

As noted by Asha McLean, of our sister site ZDNet, the AI competitor went from losing games of Go to relatively average players to absolutely crushing the game's world champion in a few short months.

'The rate of improvement is really dramatic, but we have to figure out some way to ensure that the advent of digital super intelligence is one which is symbiotic with humanity,' Musk said.

In touching on the nuclear weapon analogy, he said: 'The danger of AI is much greater than the danger of nuclear warheads, by a lot and nobody would suggest that we allow anyone to just build nuclear warheads if they want—that would be insane.'

What Elon Musk Could Have Shared About Artificial Intelligence But Didn’t

He said, “If ‪Elon Musk was really serious about the AI threat he’d stop building those self-driving cars.” This was Elon’s response on Twitter — “Wow, if even Pinker doesn’t understand the difference between functional/narrow AI (e.g.

car) and general AI, when the latter *literally* has a million times more compute power and an open-ended utility function, humanity is in deep trouble” I

The guy that is going to pave the forest and perhaps destroy a whole eco-system.” Recently deceased physicist, Stephen Hawking, made a great point that mirrors the hunter with the gigantic rifle.

“The automation of factories has already decimated jobs in traditional manufacturing, and the rise of artificial intelligence is likely to extend this job destruction deep into the middle classes, with only the most caring, creative or supervisory roles remaining.” Elon, through his fleeting reference to the “existential crisis”, worries about the paver in the three-piece.

They define themselves by their intelligence and they don’t like the idea that a machine could be way smarter than them, so they discount the idea — which is fundamentally flawed.” If you point a finger, the challenge is that three fingers point at you.

He said, “This is a case where you have a very serious danger to the public, therefore there needs to be a public body that has insight and then oversight to confirm that everyone is developing AI safely — this is extremely important,” We know Elon as a visionary and problem solver.

His lifetime of work is proof — he has natural credibility when he speaks about “how to solve….” He needs to his spend time to communicate the existential risk of humanity to the larger audience in ways we can grasp.

The first question they asked it was: “Is there a God?” The computer replies: “There is now.” And a bolt of lightning struck the plug so it couldn’t be turned off.” — — — — Karthik Rajan I

When Elon combined my two topics AI [my fascination started in high school when computers were slow] and energy [I work in this space] in one line, I felt an urge to pen my thoughts.

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