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Elon Musk says artificial intelligence is 'potentially more dangerous than nukes'

The billionaire inventor loves to make the impossible possible, but he is deeply afraid of artificial intelligence (AI).

Both are scary enough — one compares sentient networked robots with the most dangerous weapon on earth, and the other suggests we're merely the fleshy precursors to robot dominance.

In an interview with CNBC earlier this year, Musk said that we should be incredibly careful when developing such systems, and he jokingly cited Terminator as an example of what could happen if we mess up.

It isn't hard to imagine what a doomsday scenario could look like — especially with Google snatching up Boston Dynamics, makers of the creepiest robots on earth, and an artificial intelligence company called DeepMind.

Elon Musk warns us that human-level AI is ‘potentially more dangerous than nukes’

Elon Musk, the mastermind behind SpaceX and Tesla, believes that artificial intelligence is “potentially more dangerous than nukes,”

after all, we’ve survived more than 60 years of the threat of thermonuclear mutually assured destruction —

The book deals with the eventual creation of a machine intelligence (artificial general intelligence, AGI) that can rival the human brain, and our fate thereafter.

This is what Musk is referring to when he says we need to be careful with AI: We’re rapidly moving towards a Terminator-like scenario, but the actual implementation of these human-level AIs is down to us.

Ever since the detonation of the first atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the later development of thermonuclear ICBMs that can wipe out whole countries from the other side of the world, humanity has assumed for more than 60 years that the end of the world was always just around the corner.

but given the monumental resource requirements and the interdisciplinary specialization necessary for the creation of a human-level machine intelligence, I think this is unlikely. One argument against the proliferation of nuclear weapons is that, while developed nations are reticent about mutually assured destruction, crazy dictators wouldn’t think twice about pushing the big red button.

might in theory develop a genocidal superintelligence, again, just like the crazy dictator, I think that’s selling short humanity’s most basic urge to survive.

Musk went on the record last year to say that Tesla would put a self-driving car on the road within three years —

Elon Musk: Rockets and electric cars 'dumbest' possible business ventures

... The genesis of SpaceX was not to create a company but really how do we get NASA’s budget to be bigger.” More: Elon Musk: SpaceX Mars spaceships ready by next year More: Mixed review: Edmunds hits the road with Tesla's Model 3 More: Elon Musk has some thoughts for Donald Trump on China trade After a series of initial rocket failures, SpaceX has successfully launched a variety of payload-carrying missiles into orbit, including the recent blastoff of Falcon Heavy, which, in an out-of-this-world marketing coup, carried on its nose Musk's own Tesla Roadster sports car.  By securing government contracts at rates that undercut traditional government suppliers such as the United Space Alliance, a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin, SpaceX is able to fund Musk's evolving mission to Mars.  In fact, President Trump noted the private sector had taken over some of the work of NASA, saying last week, 'These rich guys, they love rocket ships ...

SpaceX has had no problem securing funding, making it one of the most highly valued start-ups, capital it needs for some ambitious goals — such as getting Mars spaceships in orbit by the first half of next year.  Musk said he 'gave basically both SpaceX and Tesla from the beginning probably less than 10% of (being) likely to succeed.” In the early days, he wouldn’t even let friends invest in SpaceX because he figured they would lose their money.

'After four or five years of begging people to build tunnels, and still no tunnels, it was like, 'OK, I’m going to build a tunnel.’ ” Musk also made a surprise appearance on a panel focused on HBO's Westworld, a sci-fi thriller about sentient robots, apt since Musk is a perpetual Cassandra who warns that artificial intelligence could be 'worse than nukes' for humanity. He struck a similar note, telling the audience, “ life cannot just be about solving one miserable problem after another…there needs to be things that inspire you, that make you glad to wake up in the morning and be part of humanity.'

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