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Raimondo bans sale of flavored electronic cigarettes in R.I. - The Boston Globe

“As a mother, I see it with my children’s friends and what they see in school.” Baker’s decision to declare a public health emergency — and apply the ban to both tobacco and marijuana vaping products — quickly reverberated through the country, drawing praise from concerned medical professionals and consternation from the fledgling legal cannabis industry.

The Baker administration stressed that the decision is intended to allow the medical community and federal officials time to investigate what’s driving the spike in illnesses, which have been tied to nine deaths and 530 cases nationwide.

“This important action will reduce the number of youths in the state who are exposed to tobacco and other harmful products, which can reduce the prevalence of tobacco-related diseases and make a significant impact on the health of our next generation.” Dino Baccari — owner of White Horse Vapor, which has stores in Cranston, Warwick, and North Providence — called Raimondo’s action “totally irresponsible” and “a load of hypocrisy.” The state should be enforcing laws against selling flavored e-cigarettes to minors the same way it enforces laws against selling alcohol to minors, Baccari said.

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What is Artificial Intelligence Exactly?

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