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Computer scientists at Harvard pursue work in a wide range of areas including theoretical computer science, artificial intelligence, economics and computer science, privacy and security, data-management systems, intelligent interfaces, operating systems, computer graphics, computational linguistics, robotics, networks, architectures, program languages, machine learning, and visualization.

Computer Science PhD

Online options for computer science doctorates continue to grow.

This degree prepares students for work as forensic scientists through intense study in biology,

science work as crime investigators and evidence analysts, collecting DNA and other evidence for

scientific laboratory technician Students focus on the chemistry of living things, ecosystems, biomolecules, immunology, genetics, and

specific area, such as diseases, nutrition, agriculture, clinical pathology, or cardiac biochemistry.

manager/scientist, protein biochemist, professor Professionals in this area of science study, analyze, and build experiments at the atomic and

further academic research and product development in medicine, cancer treatment, heat generation,

development manager, security architect, computer network architect, information technology manager,

salary information for those the five highest-paying positions in the computer science field.

like computer science, where individual program accreditation often proves as important as school-wide

Know which area you plan to study, and find out which schools demonstrate strong potential

sure-thing schools, which you are fairly certain would accept you and provide a solid education.

Professional organizations function as important tools for building connections, gaining access to

organizations incur annual dues in return for access to online resources including job boards, email

their colleagues, find like-minded individuals in the field, and seek prospective employees or

receive access to online resources, publications, and career development resources.

association's website contains over 2 million pages of related research materials, bibliographic

four divisions: catalyst, women, education, and evaluation, each of which connects members with

online resources including job boards, email lists, discussion boards, and a digital library.

world's largest computer science membership organization, IEEE sponsors over 200 technical

Members receive access to online discussion communities, job boards, career development

extension job search technology, updated information sections on electrical standards and codes, and

WVU researchers tackle rising health care costs with artificial intelligence

“This also means that the doctor’s time will be used more efficiently, leading to an overall reduction in costs to hospitals or clinics, which in turn will be passed down to the patients.” AI technology has unique advantages over human diagnoses, including the ability to sift through large datasets and recognize patterns that are associated with certain diseases or outcomes, which humans may find very difficult to do on their own in a similar time frame.

“For states such as West Virginia and Arkansas, the rising cost of health care poses an even more critical problem.” West Virginia and Arkansas consistently rank among the top states in the U.S. for obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, heart disease and deaths, Adjeroh explained.  “The burden of poor health standing in general is felt not only in health care costs, but also in available workforce, lost productivity and even in academic achievement,” said Partho Sengupta, Abnash C.

Jain chair, chief of cardiology and director of the Center for Cardiac Innovation at the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute.  Sengupta will work with Adjeroh and Gianfranco Doretto, associate professor of computer science and electrical engineering, to use AI techniques to detect cardiovascular diseases before symptoms begin to surface, which will give health care professionals a head start on preventing the disease from developing to a critical stage.  The integrative project aims to address research challenges associated with AI, including new privacy methods to protect an individual’s health data, establishing trust in AI results, improved efficiency in data analysis by AI systems and a study of the misinformation and health-related propaganda found on social media.

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