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Robot Sophia Opens Creative Industry Summit in Egypt

The first day of the Creative Industry Summit, Tuesday, saw a unique session under the title Artificial Intelligence, during which the robot Sophia, the latest invention of the robotics revolution, participated. googletag.cmd.push(function()

Sophia exhibits the latest development in artificial intelligence for the machine’s ability to interact with people and respond to any question with precision, promptness, and human reactions, which it did during the forum through interactions with the audience.

At the conclusion of Sophia’s conversation with Kamal, the robot expressed its happiness to participate in the summit, echoing the famous nationalist line “long live Egypt.” The field of artificial intelligence is one of the most important topics being addressed by the summit in its eighth edition, which is currently a major concern as one of the growing investment areas at the global level.


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Sophia the robot attends creative summit in Egypt

Sophia is the most advanced robot -- with Artificial Intelligence -- on the planet. And the most life-like. She's been in Egypt for a two-day creativity conference.

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