AI News, Educating everyone to create value from data with machine learning

Educating everyone to create value from data with machine learning

In the PAPIs team, we share the vision that a predictive world will be a much better world.

We are beginning to enter this new world where we can do things such as predicting demand to make better usage of our resources, where we can anticipate breakdowns and other issues (including medical ones) so we can take action to prevent them.

In this world, information systems also give us access to the right content at the right time, businesses serve customers better by predicting their needs, and tedious tasks that require intelligence are automated.

Bret Victor, a designer behind the 1st iPad, wrote in his 2006 essay Magic Ink: “Until machine learning is as accessible and effortless as typing the word “learn,” it will never become widespread”.

5 years later, the McKinsey Big Data report pointed at a shortage of talent necessary for organizations to take advantage of big data in the coming years.

Today, there’s a new wave of data analysis tools that provide an important part of the solution by removing many barriers to entry to machine learning.

Some of these tools were presented last year at PAPIs ’14, the 1st International Conference on Predictive APIs and Apps, and I believe that they are key to exploiting the value of data at large scale, in all domains.

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