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13 Industries Soon To Be Revolutionized By Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have a rapidly growing presence in today’s world, with applications ranging from heavy industry to education.

From streamlining operations to informing better decision making, it has become clear that this technology has the potential to truly revolutionize how the everyday world works.

With its power to bring complex reasoning and self-learning in an automated fashion at massive scale, AI will be a game-changer in how we improve our cyber-resilience.

From preventative maintenance to the automation of human tasks, AI will enable more efficient work that’s less prone to error and has higher quality.

Computer vision against X-rays shows promises to help pinpoint diseases;natural language processing (NLP) shows promises in drug safety;

Once we reach a point of true information interoperability, supporting the secure exchange of health data, all these promises will join forces to become breakthroughs for the patients.

Bringing AI and machine learning into this industry will make the construction process faster, safer and more cost effective by reducing human error and better utilizing big data.

Senior Care With the aging Baby Boomer generation, we need solutions that provide continued efficiency for seniors to make them feel more confident about living alone or receiving support from their caregivers.

I see potential in using AI to identify people at risk and recommend therapy before they fall into a hole of depression and hopelessness.

Harnessing AI to create a personalized, dynamic and effective learning path for any subject can prove to be an amazing enabler for such a revolution.

Fashion Using AI to learn about buying patterns of users across the world and predict fashion trends would be a great implementation.

AI can predict the future without human bias, but with a proper risk assessment, and find optimal decisions even under asymmetric cost profile.