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"Convergence of IOT and Artificial Intelligence" - WiDS Pune 2019

Date: 2nd March, 2019, Saturday Time: 10.00 a.m to 5.30 pm Venue: e-Zest Solutions Ltd, 3rd Floor, Building IT-09, Qubix Business Park - SEZ Blueridge, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Hinjawadi Phase-1, Blue Ridge - Paranjpe Schemes, Phase 1, Hinjewadi Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Hinjawadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411057, India Google Maps:

10.15 a.m to 10.30 a.m - WiDS Pune 2019 overview and updates, workshop plans and instructions

There is open 2 and 4 wheeler parking at Qubix, due to saturday, there wont be a problem for the parking 2.

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Here’s Why the Growth of Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce Cannot Be Ignored

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has witnessed an exponential rise in the adoption by various sectors.

From Google search results to Amazon’s products recommendations and Netflix’s film suggestions to bank’s VRU system, there are several AI-powered tools that even non-tech-savvy individuals’ use.

The research suggests that AI would handle around 85 percent of the interactions between companies and customers instead of humans by 2020.

Some of the world’s leading brands have already implemented the new technology to recommend their products to consumers in the most effective manner.

Thus, e-commerce stores need to remain aware of the market trends and upgrade the customer-facing features to offer the best possible user experience.

The advanced customer relationship management system can integrate social media conversations, emails, chatbots discussions, as well as other communication in the notes.

Such data helps live customer care agents to solve consumer’s concerns without wasting much time.

The stats make it necessary for every e-commerce sites to plan their strategy for voice engine optimization (voice search SEO).

AI forecasting tools can offer a glimpse of next quarter’s possible revenue figures with the help of past data and help managers to adjust resource, inventory accordingly.

AI algorithm can take the decision based on past deals, client’s annual revenue, client’s industry, the customer’s geographical location, and prices quoted by competitors for similar contracts in the past.

AI algorithm helps organizations to zero-in on customers who can buy more new products or upgrade the existing ones.

For example, a human customer service executive might forget to record information or read disclaimers according to regulations and auditing requirements.

However, complicated queries, as well as the ones that need a human touch, would still require customer service associates at the call centers.

AI engine ensures that customers visiting the e-commerce platform using small and large screens as well as apps get a consistent, seamless experience.

Estonia: a springboard for global startups and AI applications

Happening this year on March 7 in Tallinn, the North Star AI annual conference will bring together leading AI practitioners and companies around the world to talk about real-world applications of data science and machine learning.

Let us examine some examples of AI-powered companies from early-stage startups to mature scale-ups and also bring in a few government-led AI applications that use data and machine learning to reshape products and business models, automate processes, and bring transformative impact.

To make robots as safe and autonomous as possible, the robots have to understand where they are and what’s going on in the surrounding world – humans, cars, bicyclists, obstacles – and predict what will happen next.

This ride-hailing company develops real-time machine learning to improve the product, operations, and decision-making like predicting drive durations, price benchmarking and optimising pickup locations among others.

Transferwise TransferWise is a fintech company that promises the fairest and easiest way to manage your money across borders. Its customers transfer more than £3 billion every month and each and every transfer is instantly scored by multiple machine learning models.

Machine learning is used in many domains throughout its business that include detecting fraudulent behaviour and money laundering attempts, optimizing business processes to reduce costs, and predicting all kinds of customer behaviour to fuel the company’s growth.

These are done automatically, scanning 3200 different document types issued in the world, to provide the best customer experience and lowest cost without sacrificing quality. Human intervention occurs only when a more thorough examination is needed.

AI has also enabled the company to analyze document scans during customer on-boarding process and even detect fraudulent transactions. In the future, they plan to develop their own algorithms to detect fake ID-s and fight identity theft.

The AI models what is happening in people’s brains while learning, how their memory works, and how they forget things to create patterns that they process in their Knowledge Mapping Technology. Lingvist’s advanced machine learning algorithm learns which words you need to practice and when its time for a new word.

In order to support AI application on EU levels and attract AI startups all over the world, Estonia aims to meet the standards of data availability, secure exchange of data, access to public data, and AI-friendly regulations to support the development of global AI applications from Estonia.

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